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Some Web hosting trends for 2021 | Tech-Predictions

While setting up online existence, finding the best domain & hosting services are always the first steps. The year 2020 has taught mankind a lot, especially to businesses who never realized the perks of digital marketing. Consequently, COVID-19 and the following partial lockdown have turned our physical world more into the virtual world. As the whole world is changing, so are the web hosting trends in 2021. Let’s explore some.
Managed web hosting services
Managed web hosting services are the best and easy solution for many companies trying to work their online existence. COVID-19 has shoved everyone to the virtual world. Therefore, a business needs to get an online presence and manage it properly. Hence, to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements, people with no-to-basic technical knowledge will be relying more on managed web services. Managed web hosting provides you with help desk services, system updates, and backups, and it will be top of the web hosting trends in 2021. You can check these services with Navicosoft. Moreover, your Web hosting company will take care of your online presence, and you can focus on growing your business.
Cloud Hosting
After the managed web hosting, cloud hosting seems to be at the top of web hosting trends in 2021. Cloud hosting does not have any physical existence. However, it stores data on various computers and provides an internet connection like the internet. Hence, offering you outbound power, storage space, and a 24/7 more proficient cloud hosting has freed us from the boundaries of physical servers. For all these perks, statistics indicate that cloud hosting data centers will be processing 94% of the workloads.

Cyber Security
Again the perks of COVID-19!
As everyone is shifting their businesses online, cyberattacks had increased to an alarming level of 600% in 2020. Cyberattacks like Software SG Ransomware, Sopra Steria, Telegram Hijack, Seyfarth Shaw, Carnival Corporation played havoc in 2020. Hence, Cybersecurity is going to rank among the Web hosting trends in 2021. No one would like to repeat the disaster in 2021. So we assume that this is a call for the tech-world saviors providing better protection. Just like Navicosoft provides you with SSL certificates, software licenses, cPanel License, and much more to protect your online data.
Data centers
We are enjoying the perks of the internet, but where its backbone? That’s a good question. Well, data centers are serving as the backbone of the internet. However, the cloud and massive investment in computers have played their role in a notable decline in investment in big data centers recently. So, with reference to the ongoing technological advancements, low investments in data centers will be some of the web hosting trends in 2021.
Price Wars
As the internet inflates by the new registering websites every day, the web hosting industry has become very competitive. Different packages are available for web hosting depending upon the features and options such as shared web hosting can be available with the lowest price. It may range from $5 to $10/month. Providing top-notch services, domain & hosting services providing companies are left with the only choice to compete with prices. Hence, prices for web hosting services boil down.

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