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Speed Up Your Cleaning with these Tips

No one likes cleaning very much, not unless you are Monica Geller in the flesh. This is why we often end up hiring a house cleaner in La Mesa. While you can go ahead do that if you can afford the services if you are on a mission to save money, you need to figure out a way to speed up your cleaning so that you can spend more time doing things you love to. And, here are 5 ways you can finish your house cleaning quickly.

Goodbye oven spills

If you have just had a spill in your oven, don’t wait until the oven has cooled down. Instead, while it’s still hot, place an oven-proof bowl of water inside and run it for 20 minutes at 400 degrees F. The steam from the boiling water will loosen the stains, which you can wipe off using a sponge or tissue once the oven has cooled down.

Garbage convenience

If you store your garbage bags in a cabinet and walk over to them when you clear out the garbage, you are wasting your time. Why run to the cabinets when you can place these bags at the bottom of the bin? This makes clearing trash convenient as the bags are at your fingertips during the next cleanup.

Declutter and donate

When the room is cluttered, it takes time to clean it. So, do yourself a favor by decluttering your room every week. You can also do this every day by having a donation box or bag in every closet and room. This allows you to toss unneeded things in these boxes instead of hoarding them and make donation easier too. 

Wipe down shower

Invest just 30 seconds of your shower time to wipe down the walls and tub with a towel or a squeegee and save 30 minutes of scrubbing time in the future. When you do this, the buildup is slower, and when you do clean your bathroom, it doesn’t take nearly as long. Wipe down those walls!

Get your appliances working

Your appliances can help make cleaning easier for you. You can get a lot of things washed in the washing machine, while the dishwasher can clean your knick-knacks and toys. Furthermore, have the blender clean itself with dishwashing liquid and warm water or use a robotic vacuum cleaner to clean the floors. 


Cleaning your house can be such a cumbersome task. However, when you know easy ways to clean through some multitasking and resourcefulness, you can leave behind all your cleaning woes in the past. All you need to do is be consistent with the tips mentioned above, and you are all set to continue bingeing on Netflix with a spic and span house.

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