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Step-By-Step Guide To Designing An Effective Poster

Posters and banners have become an integral part of all forms of marketing campaigns. Without posters, there is no marketing. Presently politicians, businesses, and individuals publicize themselves using social media platforms. Even though digitization has reached new heights, the popularity of traditional posters and banners still remains the same.

Businesses, to gain the loyalty of their customers prefer to market themselves at the ground level by using posters and flyers in their marketing campaigns. Due to the vitality of these advertising tools, proper designing is required to gain positive outcomes with the marketing campaigns. Hence, companies and businesses pay a huge amount of money to graphic designing firms. To avoid this extra spending, you can take the assistance of the Huepix poster and banner maker app, companies and individuals can design a poster of their own as per their own preferences.

Through this post, we will discuss certain points that need to be considered while designing an attractive poster. The considerations include:

  1. Determination Of Purpose

Posters and flyers are an important means of spreading awareness among the community. Individuals can utilize them:

  • To gather the support of the public.
  • Promote a meeting or specific event.
  • To popularize slogans or messages.

Posters and banners are of significant use in areas where there is no easy access to the basic form of media channels, viz Radio and newspapers. These are popular form of communication within an individual’s local level. Organizations produce posters and flyers in bulk by designing over the Huepix poster maker app. However, before designing a poster, it is essential to be aware of the purpose behind the advertisement and the audience’s mindsets.

  1. Understanding The Difference Between Posters, Flyers And Banners

Before designing and running a marketing campaign, it is important to have knowledge about a poster and a flyer.


Posters are very popular among the common masses. These are good to grab viewers’ attention in just a fraction of seconds only. People can find them easily on poles next to busy roads or on walls and windows of commercial places where passers can easily see them. It is important to note that the size of the posters must be kept large, and the fonts used must be bold because these are crucial in grabbing the viewer’s attention. Here are some tips to consider while designing a poster over the Huepix poster maker app.

  • Keep the overall size large.
  • Keep the font size bold and big so that people can easily read them from a distance of 10m away.
  • Avoid using lengthy sentences and try to concise the message in only a few words.
  • Try to add colours to the background.
  • Do not add multiple effects and colours; instead, use limited tools only. It gives a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Add a picture relevant to the message or event. This helps in providing viewers with a generalized idea about the poster.

Pamphlets or Flyers

Flyers are similar to posters in many aspects. The only difference lies in the size of these. These also differ slightly on the application as these are used to:

  • Brief an issue to the community at an individual level.
  • Raise awareness among the common masses regarding their rights.
  • Win support for your campaign.

Flyers are cheap to produce compared to posters. These are of A4 and A5 size patterns generally. The important parameter for the consideration is the design of these. As, these are small in size, the optimization of the available space must be made properly. For this purpose, the HuePix flyer maker app provides its users with the added feature of opting for flyer designing. This feature enables users to optimize resources in accordance with the size of the flyer.


Banners, posters, and flyers all belong to the same family. All these are popular tools of marketing. The only difference among all these lies in their size pattern. In banners, an extra feature gets added in the form of material of impression.

Banners are printed on the cloth or vinyl chloride. It is because of the reason that these are used to target greater audience attention by hanging over the high buildings and polls on the roadsides. These are comparatively larger than the other two forms of print marketing, due to which their cost of printing also become very high. The Huepix poster and banner maker offers an added feature to design as per the requirement of banner size.

  1. How To Design A Poster?

Poster maker

Following the understanding of these advertisements, now let us discuss about the creation of posters. Designing involves consideration of certain factors, these involve:

  1. Consideration of purpose and other aspects, including your budget and your level of reach. This consideration will assist you to know exactly about the volume of production required. It also assists in defining the quality of the posters.
  1. Editing of written content is to be done primarily. Too much content deteriorates the quality of posters because viewers do not like to spend their time over lengthy content.
  1. It is good to design a prototype first before sending the design impression to the printing lines. It is advised because sometimes some details are left untouched that requires modifications. Hence, by preparing a draft design, individuals can modify the design as per the requirement.
  1. Individuals must remember to involve the title and logo of their organization.
  1. Following the completion of the final design, save a copy of the design in the device storage. This assists in making modifications and similar design changes in accordance with the earlier designed pattern.

These are some of the important steps that involve designing of posters and other similar printed advertisement formats. To design an attractive, eye-catching poster using multiple designing and drawing tools, install the HuePix poster maker app. This app is available free of cost to all Android smartphone users. Users can install this app simply from the Google Play Store.

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