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Stunning Facts About Paints That You’d Love to Know!

We often take paints so casually. From just bringing in the colour quotient, painting is just an activity that enhances the beauty of a place. But do you know that this paint and the painting that we carry out in our home or commercial areas have a history dating back to centuries? Yes, painting has been an old form of decorating your premises, and humans have always loved colours and paints. So basically, when you love the paint of your house, remember that it is a genetic inheritance from your forefathers.

Some Facts About Painting That Are Really Interesting!

When it comes to painting, you normally select a colour from the palette and then call the interior painters in Auckland from FQS Interior — and they start the magnificent task of adorning your homes with the paint. Well, the results are always satisfactory, and your home looks magical. But remember these stunning facts about paints too!

  • The oldest house paints contained milk and honey — You will be surprised to know that the oldest paint used for decorating the houses contained milk, honey, and other natural ingredients. Even the White House in the USA is painted with milk containing paint.
  • A red door may be a message for the visitors — This is funny, but you will be surprised to know that if you paint red colour on your door, you are conveying special messages to your visitors. Even today, most of the countries consider a red front door to welcome guests with positive vibes. Red doors are also believed to bring prosperity and harmony to the home. In some cultures, a red door signifies a home that has been paid off (that is, it is mortgage free).
  • House painters ground their own pigments — Previously, house painters were required to grind their own pigments and ingredients to create nice paint.  That is why you will find that throughout history only the well-to-do families and rich people had their homes painted.
  • Green has the most varied variants — Yes, this is actually a very surprising fact. The shade green has more variants than any of the other colours in the pallets. It’s maybe because it is associated with nature and people find green colour most attractive and adorable. Even surveys have accepted this fact.
  • The science of mixing shades was founded by a Greek —Now this is a discovery! The Greek philosopher, Plato, was the great person who invented the fact that when you mix two shades you get a third one! And this is what helped us throughout history for painting amazing houses.
  • Painting is actually 3000 years old — Paint is actually older than you think. You will be surprised to know that paint was initially used by cavemen to decorate their caves and the first-ever paint was invented almost 3000 years ago!
  • Paints do affect your mood — This fact is really an eye-opener. The surveys, scientists, and even the researchers believe that your paint impacts your mood the most. Like green makes you feel fresh, blue makes you feel happy, and white soothes you, etc.

Stunning facts, aren’t they? We are sure even you are as surprised by reading them as we were! Well, we always say — the truth is strange! 

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