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Secure Patio Doors

DIY hacks to burglar-proof: The locks for your patio door are easy to select. Installing a solid stick into the door track will prevent the door from shutting, but it’s ugly and brutal to take it off when you need it to be opened. However, there’s a more efficient option to gain the security you require. Andersen Corp’s foot lock auxiliary is fastened on the lower edge of the door and fitted with a bolt into a grommet that securely holds the door. The lock is similar to the Door Guardian and attaches at the top of the door. Both locks permit the door to be opened three in. without compromising security. The installation process takes around 10 minutes. Install the bracket holding the pin onto the doorway, after which you drill holes. Install grommets into the track to allow the pin to slide into it. Do you need to change that patio door?

An Even Simpler Idea for Sliding Doors

“Like many others needing some security for our patio door. But I wanted it to be more attractive than two-by-fours or a plain metal bar. So, I bought an oak handrail, stained and then sealed it. I finished it off with an elegant drawer pull. It’s very effective, simple to use, and receives a lot of praise from anyone who comes across the piece.” -The A family Handyman user Ryan Velthuis. Iron Guard provides the best security guard services in California.

Add a Security Anchor

This Kryptonite anchor bike lock is the most sophisticated, tamper-proof, and secure system that requires drilling three holes and putting in bolts that secure the security hook to the cement. A dome is used to cover the bolts and clip. The anchor can also be placed on truck beds or fixed to other surfaces by using fasteners. The directions are easy to follow, and the design is straightforward and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Keep Spare Keys in a Lock Box

Hiding a house key can be a dangerous business. Clever (or lucky) burglars sometimes find hidden keys. And insurance companies may not want to pay for your losses if they don’t see any evidence of a forced entrance. A solution is to use the locking combination box. Attach it onto a fence post or even your home in a quiet location. However, don’t use the tiny screw provided by the maker. A burglar could rip off the box, bring it to the home, and then patiently cut it open. Instead, use four No. 10 x 2-in. screws that are stainless steel or better.

Blink Home Security Camera Kit

The wireless security camera system comprises three cameras that require AA batteries and a WiFi connection for operation. It can cover a significant amount of the square footage in your house, and each camera comes with sensors inbuilt that are activated by motion. If you spot an intruder’s movement, the alarm sounds and notice is sent out to your phone as well as a video of the incident is stored on the cloud of Blink’s storage. It’s possible to connect the security cameras with Alexa-enabled devices. Install a solid security system in just a day. Home security kits that you can DIY can aid in protecting your home and family. Iron Guard provides the best security for vacant property in USA.

Know Who’s There

It would be best if you didn’t unlock a door unless you know who’s on the opposite side. Peepholes let you see who’s in the room; however, entry doors do not come with peepholes. Many peepholes are so tiny that they can’t tell you who’s in the area. Strangers may hide away or appear so discolored that it’s challenging to recognize. Be sure to be safe with a broad-angle door viewer.

Protect Your Mail

Mail theft is an increasing problem since mailboxes with no security are easily targeted. Personal details are set up in a secure mailbox to prevent thieves from taking your mail, such as checks or credit card offers. When the mail is deposited into the mailbox, you require a key to open the box. Screw it onto the wall or to the post like a standard mailbox.

Don’t Keep the Garage Opener in Your Car.

The thief who robs your car could take the remote and gain entry into your garage. It’s not just when you park your vehicle in the driveway. The identification card inside your glove box can give the crooks your address.

Get rid of the remote on your visor, and get an electronic keychain remote. Each time you get out of the car, you can carry it with you. Home centers have only limited remotes, but you can find more available online. Begin by typing in the name of your opener, then follow with “remote.” This is why it’s not a good idea to attach an ignition lock to other keys.

Lock Up the Overhead Door for burglar-proof

A few people “lock” the garage’s overhead door before going on vacation by disconnecting the opener. This is a great idea, but locking the door physically is much better. Unplugged openers won’t stop “fishing,” and–if you have a garage attached to it, it will not hinder a burglar who’s gained entry through the home from entering the garage from the inside, reversing an SUV, and making use of the garage as an entry point for his loot. It makes a burglar’s job more time-consuming and difficult to lock your door. If your door does not have locks that can be closed, make it through the track, just above the rollers, and then insert the padlock.

Be smart with social media for burglar-proof

Social media is a fantastic instrument, and it works excellent for keeping in contact with your friends and sharing travel experiences and pictures … even after the trip is finished.

Be aware that social media is intended to be public. This means it’s like speaking to a crowd using a megaphone. Do not share your travel plans unless you’re happy with the whole online community accessing the programs. Since social media accounts are set to a public profile, criminals can look up keywords such as vacation, trip, travel, or out of town to get descriptions of the dates and times when people are leaving their homes.

To prevent this from happening, keep it to the day after your trip to announce your travels! If you want to let people know that you’ll be absent from town before time, make sure you take some time to ensure that the post is set as private on this Social Media platform. By limiting the audience, it can be accessed, and searchability, you’ll ensure that sharing your schedule is safer. Take a look at this article for additional tips about utilizing social media with caution.


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