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The Best Places to Travel in the United States Post Lockdown

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus followed by the never-ending lockdown has made everyone anxious. Everything is on hold, restaurants are shut, transport is messed up, and the work-from-home situation is driving every other person insane. Although the situation has made us value the little things and people in our lives, however, it is not getting any better there is just one option-planning. Planning a trip that you will be taking with your circle in the time to come. 

There will be days when all of us would be able to wander off on the streets just like earlier days. The time when we will not be afraid to take off our masks in public places and never put them back. And for that time, planning is a must. Below are the best places to travel in the USA post lockdown. Go through the list below, get the idea and plan a safe, peaceful, and most calming trip of your life.

  • Washington DC

Several excitements surround the capital of the USA; Washington DC. you can visit the National Zoological Park which is a free zoo that is open year-round. Other than that, you can choose hikes, bike rides, and even bird watching. Talking about the places that you can visit while you are on the trip; you can visit Rock Creek Park which is one of the most famous places in DC, you can go to Le Diplomate which is one of the most ancient restaurants in that area. Not only this, you can visit the Eastern Market which is one of the most popular places in the city to go out for drinks or a bite to eat.

  • Badlands National Park- South Dakota

The Dakotas often get neglected and are not added to the list of popular tourist destinations. But that is a wonderful place to visit after the lockdown. The Badlands National Park has one of the richest fossil beds and is also the modern-day home of bison and bighorn sheep. You will get the complete feel of the park by driving the Badlands loop road. The park has something to offer to every visitor. 

  • Marfa- Texas

Marfa is a tiny town located on the high plains of the Chihuahua desert. It is a blue-chip arts destination for some amazing scenes and an unlikely mixture of art. Today it has become a tourist destination with both historical and contemporary destinations. You can visit galleries and museums and take a stroll around the downtown area and check out all the local shops as well. Apart from this, Marfa lights are one of the greatest mysteries in Texas. In other words, it is one of the most relaxing places that you can visit after the pandemic. All you need to do is pack your bags & book a flight & stay to explore the amazing destinations using CheapOair, use the discount coupons & promotional deals for budget-friendly travel

  • Crestone- Colorado

Colorado is a high-altitude town that sits 7,923 feet and is home to several world religion centers and spiritual communities. The places you can visit here include a Zen center, a Hindu Temple, Christian churches, and several Tibetan Centres. If you want to experience a spiritual journey, which is much needed after the long lockdown, then this place will be the perfect one for you. The place is full of spiritual places that to put in words, it won’t be wrong to say- if you throw a stick in Crestone, you will hit something spiritual.

  • Asheville-North Carolina

Ashville, located in North Carolina is one of those places which is filled with natural wonders and architectural treasures. The place has got everything right from the iconic landmarks to local favorites. This place is known as the mountain town that houses the second-highest number of breweries. If you plan a getaway trip here, you will have a perfect vacation in the Land of the Sky.

  • The Wave- Arizona

Most people might know about The Wave of Arizona which is a gorgeous red sandstone formation along the Utah/Arizona border. Although making a trek is not easy as someone might imagine. This place is always flooded by a lot of visitors due to its popularity. However, you cannot just go to this place like every other one; one of the most difficult things to do is get a permit before entering it. There are several ways to win that permit but only those who have it are allowed to visit it. So, you might even want to keep this place aside while you explore the rest. 

Finger Lakes Region- New York

Last on the list is the Finger Lakes Region which is the center of attraction in New York. This place is also known as an outdoor lover’s paradise. This is home to several expansive state parks, including Taughannock Falls and Watkins Glenn. This beautiful place boasts excellent hiking trails and spectacular waterfalls. Other than this, you can choose from activities like Skiing, Shopping, visiting historical sites, photography artwork, and theatre, go for dining, wineries, and more.

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