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The Ecommerce Functions You Should Automate

Your burden will increase as your eCommerce business expands. Your eCommerce operations may become more complicated, and methods that formerly worked may suddenly be inefficient or unable to satisfy your objectives. (ecommerce store)

This surge in demand may put additional strain on your eCommerce firm.

It’s a story that many eCommerce entrepreneurs have heard at some time in their careers. You can alleviate the bottleneck produced by rapid expansion by automating portions of your eCommerce operation.

What exactly is eCommerce automation and how can it benefit your company?

Why is eCommerce automation so crucial?

eCommerce automation may improve the operation of your online store, boost customer interactions, and save you money and time.

Consumers have high expectations of retailers these days. They want delivery that are speedier and more convenient, and they want them now.

Automating some of your eCommerce procedures can help you cut down on bottlenecks and establish a reputation for being quick and innovative.


A company’s long-term success is frequently dependent on its efficiency. The quantity of work a company can generate in relation to the amount of time, money, and resources available. This referred to as business efficiency.

The more efficient your eCommerce firm is, the more resources, materials, and capital it will be able to convert into revenue-generating products.

By optimising your business procedures, eCommerce automation improves the efficiency of your online store. This might help you save time and money when it comes to maintaining your eCommerce store.

According to Nucleus Research, automation may boost income, enhance lead conversions, and shorten sales cycles, all of which help businesses run more efficiently.

Because of the time saved by automation, you can devote those resources to other aspects of your business, such as innovation, customer service, and product development.


Another major advantage of eCommerce automation is its speed. It pays to be quick as an internet retailer. Product creation, customer service, inventory management, and order fulfilment are all examples of this.

When compared to manual processing, automating your order process will allow your eCommerce company to speed up delivery and process more orders in the same amount of time. By minimising the lead time, this faster delivery technique may also improve customer satisfaction.

Order fulfilment tasks aren’t the only tasks that can be automated in eCommerce. Almost any company procedure that slows down your eCommerce store can be automated.

For example, if your eCommerce team struggles to reply to customer care inquiries in a timely manner, you may use live chat or an inbox management system to automate customer service duties.

Determine which functions are causing problems for your eCommerce firm before considering automation. Then consider how you may automate them to increase speed.


One of the most efficient techniques to boost the earnings of your eCommerce store is to cut costs. Finding solutions to automate certain aspects of your eCommerce business could help you save money.

Bricks N Clix, a Pipe17 customer, thinks that their yearly sales projection would have been 30 percent off if they hadn’t adopted Pipe 17’s automation services. By opting for automation, they were able to deploy their eCommerce site fast and efficiently, resulting in sales that exceeded their expectations.

By reducing labour costs connected with manual processes, eCommerce automation can immediately save your organisation money. It saves money indirectly by accelerating operations, improving accuracy, and increasing overall business efficiency.

If you want to be a leader in eCommerce, you should think about eCommerce automation. According to HubSpot, 61% of high-performing leaders automate parts of their sales process, compared to only 46% of low-performing leaders.

5 eCommerce features that can be automated

You might shock to hear that you can automate a lot of eCommerce activities. We’ll show you how to automate five eCommerce processes to boost your company’s efficiency, speed, and revenue.

1) Changing the price

Product repricing can be a time-consuming operation when running an omnichannel eCommerce firm. It necessitates continual monitoring and tweaking.

You’ll need to use a sophisticated automated technology to properly reprice your internet listings. This repricing system will enable you to update the prices of your listings in response to changes observed on other eCommerce platforms or by other merchants.

The e-commerce landscape is always shifting. Amazon alters product prices about 2.5 million times in a single day. This alone demonstrates why automated repricing is practically a requirement for any omnichannel eCommerce company.

Your online store can use it to alter product prices in real time based on market conditions. While remaining competitive against other vendors, our reactive and immediate repricing solution will help you boost your profit margins.

You may, for example, put up a repricing automation rule that matches the lowest product price offered by competitors with available stock as long as the margin per product is at least 5%.

Repricing is vital for more than just keeping your products competitively priced. It also guarantees that your store follows the rules of the eCommerce platform.

Amazon sellers who are caught selling products for less on other platforms, such as, will be penalised, and their Amazon seller account may be suspended.

Repricing automation’s intelligence allows your eCommerce site to stay competitive and increase sales volume in real time.

2) Emails with a call to action

Your eCommerce business’s marketing strategy can make or kill it. Consider email automation as part of your marketing strategy to offer it the best chance of success.

You may send targeted, highly relevant emails to your consumers based on how they engage with your online store using email automation. This can be accomplished by using email automation triggers to send customers an email once a specific action has occurred.

One of the first email automations that any eCommerce business should implement is cart abandonment emails. Online retailers face a significant problem with abandoned carts. The average cart abandonment rate is little less than 70%.

Cart abandonment emails, on the other hand, have been shown to assist recover lost purchases from forgotten or abandoned shopping carts, according to study. According to Moosend, 50% of users who click on cart abandonment emails go on to make a purchase.

You can set up a cart abandonment recovery email marketing flow for your eCommerce business.

Email campaigns can be created for nearly any form of on-site action that your clients do. Set up email drip campaigns to deliver customers personalised emails based on their purchase preferences. You can give them regular updates about your latest womenswear products, specials, and relevant resources, for example, if they often shop for womenswear.

In-stock notifications or drip campaigns informing customers when it’s time to restock or replenish a previously purchased item are two more forms of email marketing automations you might set up.

3) Creating invoices

It’s critical to keep track of your finances as a business owner. They can quickly become a shambles. Invoice automation is one method of staying organised.

Your payments are automatically captured and tracked with automated invoices and filing. This allows you to keep track of your cash flow, identify overdue invoices, and rapidly manage any financial problems that develop.

You can automate Invoices by arranging them ahead of time. In addition, invoice automation software may track incoming revenue and assign payments to the appropriate invoice.

The more you automate, the smaller the margin for human error becomes. As a result, invoice automation can help you increase business productivity by reducing manual input and improving accuracy.

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