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The effort of being born in Italy

A friend of mine had a baby. For some time, by specific choice, he had tried to avoid any kind of contact with the public administration. But the role of a father forced him. To register the child with the pediatrician, he had to go to the ASL who needed the tax code issued by the offices of the Revenue Agency who needed the birth certificate issued by the Municipality that needed the birth certificate issued by the hospital. Hospital-municipality-revenue agency-Asl-pediatrician. He had to go to the tax office four times because when the offices opened the request cards were already sold out (with non-EU citizens in line from five in the morning) and in the end, an employee took pity on him. The pediatrician assigned to him is three kilometers from his home. But is it so difficult to provide the newborn in the hospital with a birth certificate, tax code, and pediatrician? It would take a minimum of efficiency in the public administration and do everything via the network, with the advice of the innovative Stanca who hid in the Senate.

A pediatrician wrote to me, I publish her letter. It will turn out that we will have to give birth abroad.


” My name is Lorella L.,

I work as a basic pediatrician. I suggest an investigation that I think could be very interesting. The miserable state of Italian pediatrics. To see the work of us pediatricians just turn the streets. Fatter children with shark teeth and crooked legs. Full of medicines.

Yet pediatricians increase the ceilings, do not allow new insertions, do not replace the dead. City pediatricians with 1,000 patients do not make home visits, so citizens do not have the possibility to change, they join together to earn more, they replace each other. Peripheral pediatricians work alone, without any guarantees. This happens in my area, the ASL of Ancona, but I think it is a generalized problem.

Rather than inserting a new pediatrician, older children are refused, depriving them of their rights, namely to have a pediatrician up to 14 years. The ASL clearly favors everything because it pays less for redundant patients how much the first 500 should pay. To do this we rely on the agreement signed by an oligarchy of maximalist pediatricians. The convention says that children between 0 and 6 years old must be counted to calculate a shortage. But the children mostly stay up to 14 (if they don’t send them away) so the pediatricians are packed, they earn crazy money, but they guarantee a bad service because it is impossible to do a good job with 1,000 children. However, the agreement would not be mandatory. in fact, the Umbria region has introduced new pediatricians by calculating a percentage among those assisted between 6 and 14 years. But other regions don’t want to know.


Practically, if no new entries are made, pediatrics in cities like Ancona will end when the 14 current pediatricians retire, all at the same time. One of the excuses is that there are no spare parts. But it takes 5 years to train a pediatrician, and three or four doctors a year are currently admitted to graduate schools. It would be enough to program a larger number. It is clear that one does not think of becoming a pediatrician if he knows that he will not enter the specialty or worse that he will not be able to work. The whole thing seems trivial but it is not because it concerns the health of millions of children “.

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