The First Year As A New Truck Driver In Pakistan | CDL Training Process

If you have chosen to become a new truck driver in Pakistan, you must already know how underrated the job is. There is so much more than what shows at the surface of being a truck driver.

We can only hope that the conventional idea about the job fades away. However, we can help you figure out how you can get into the job. So, below is everything you will need to know to become a truck driver.

The training and schooling for CDL

A truck driver needs a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), for which many people consider joining a training school. While it isn’t a necessary experience for getting the certificate, it helps you ensure you will gain it. Thus, many people join truckers’ schools to train to get a license.

In the truck driving school, you will learn a lot more than just driving. As we discussed before, the job is a lot more than what it seems. So, a truck-driving school makes sure you learn everything before applying for a license.

Here is a list of things that you will be trained for:

  • The first thing you will learn is how to operate large vehicles. Commercial vehicles such as trucks are difficult to handle because of their weight and size. Thus, it is the most primary and the most significant thing you learn during the training.
  • The next thing will be the pre-inspection. Logistics companies in Pakistan consider it a necessary step to inspect your vehicle and every other thing. So, there will be no disruptions or accidents.
  • You will also learn about safety procedures. These are all about handling any accidents you might face in the future.
  • Logging and regulations are also a part of the training since there are a lot of DOT regulations.
  • The last thing you’ll be learning about is coupling and uncoupling.

How to choose a CDL training school?

Now, you know what all is included in your training as a new truck driver in Pakistan. So, we move onto how you can choose a school. Below are the points you should consider while selecting a truck drivers school for your training:

  • Length of the course: There are both short and long courses. You can go for a longer course if you have the time. Also, remember that a longer course doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be the best. So, go through the contents of the course before applying for it.
  • Qualifications: You will need specific qualifications to apply to a training school. You’ll need to be the right age, pass a drug test and have a clean driving record.
  • Financial Considerations: There are different types of truck driver schools with different fee structures. Thus, you should choose a school that fits you financially. It doesn’t always mean an expensive course will be better than an inexpensive one, so keep that in mind.
  • Experience: Look at the background of the institution you are choosing. Carefully go through their certifications and reviews. If you feel satisfied with what you find, then you should go for it.
  • Job prospects: Along with the background, check the success rate of the institution. Read from how many people from the institution have successfully gotten the certificate.

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What lies beyond the school?

After you have completed your training and gotten the certificate, you can apply for jobs. As we discussed before, many a time, your training institution only will provide you placement.

However, keep in mind that your first job will not be your dream job. You’ll get there slowly by gaining experience.

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