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The Most Common Questions People Ask About Drug Testing

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Drug testing has now become a common practice for employers. With the increase in the use of illicit drugs, drug use is now common both outside and inside the workplace. However, not nay people are aware of drug testing to implement it. People often visit centers without knowing what they are looking for. Employers aren’t aware of what kind of drug testing their employees are required to take. Some don’t know how to handle suspicious drug use at their workplace.

So, to understand the concept a little better, let us look at some of the most common questions about drug testing.

The most commonly asked questions about drug testing:

Question 1: With medical marijuana, is it possible to maintain a drug-free workplace?

Several federal laws require all employers to provide a safe and healthy working environment. Especially the businesses related to public safety, security, transportation, and industries that involve machinery. While at work, it is vital that the employees are not impaired. Otherwise, the employers will have to face lawsuits if accidents, injuries, or death occurs due to drug use. 

In states with medical marijuana, employers can decide whether or not they should exempt this policy. However, the management should consider all the safety and business-related risks involved so that the company is not exposed to any legal claims.

Question 2: What should be done if I suspect that my employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

The suspicion to test an employee who might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be reasonable enough. It should not be based on any guesses or gut feelings. It should rather be documented by trained supervisors who will properly identify drug or alcohol impairment. You must make sure to have another witness who will support your observations. To check whether the employee is under the influence of alcohol, breath alcohol testing can be conducted.

If you feel that the employee can become a threat, you can take them to a safe place like a conference room. You can then act in accordance with your drug-free workplace policy by following the protocols on how the management should respond. Other measures include – meeting the face to face to hear out their side of the story, providing them transportation to the drug testing location and back to their house.

Drug testing Corpus Christi offers pieces of training to assist employers with the proper implementation of policies and maintenance of a drug-free working environment.

Question 3: If the drug testing policy is not in place, is it okay to drug test?

Before conducting random drug testing amongst the employees, it is important to have a drug-free workplace policy from a liability standpoint. What will you do if anyone from your employee’s tests positive? A drug testing policy outlines all the things about the testing and the consequence if the policies are violated. So, you can address the situation accordingly and be protested legally. This will ensure workers’ safety from potential dangers of drug and alcohol use at work. It will also boost their morale and productivity.

24/7 Onsite offers drug testing policies and can customize a manual that guarantees a comprehensive drug-free workplace program for your workspace.

Question 4: What is DOT drug testing?

Drug and alcohol testing required by the Department of transportation for the individual agencies is called DOT drug testing. This testing is mandatory for the safety of the employees to protect the public and other workers. You can decide on which drug testing is good for the employees.

24/7 Onsite provides complete drug and alcohol testing services. They adhere to DOT standards and help you stay prepared for audits. They develop a drug-free workplace program so the company is ready for random tests that the DOT requests.

Question 5: After consumption, how soon does it take for the drugs to show up in someone’s system?

It depends on the type of drug test done. Hair testing usually takes about a week to show up. Oral fluid testing takes a few hours, urine testing takes around 4-5 to 8-12 hours.   It also differs between individuals based on a lot of factors – the type of drug taken, how strong the drug is, weight, metabolism, and what the person ate or drank. Nevertheless, illicit drugs will show up at some point in their hair, oral fluid, and urine.

Question 6: When conducting drug testing, what are they looking for?

Drug testing screens for different drugs depending on the company’s drug-free workplace policy and its selected panels. It usually checks for amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, PCP, and opiates. Employers frequently conduct 5 to 8-panel drug tests. They can also choose to create tests for as many substances as they want.  

Question 7: Are drug testing kits legal?

Drug testing kits are a quick one-step screening for the detection of multiple drugs in the human urine. It depends on the state laws if it is considered legal or no. before buying or using drug testing kits, you must read what it contains and how it works.  Even if the kits are legal in your state, there are chances that they can produce inaccurate results. So it is better to take a drug test from a licensed and best drug testing company.

Question 8: What happens if a person’s current medication interferes with his drug test results?

Drug test results are always sent to the medical review officer or MRO for his review and verification. If you are tested positive, the MRO contacts you to discuss factors like legally prescribed drugs that may have affected your test results. So if you are currently on medication, the MRO will ask you for a validated prescription and pharmacy information. And if everything is checked well, your test results will be declared negative.

Question 9: Will the test results be revealed to anyone or will it be private?

Drug test results are not revealed to anyone without your consent to do so. An exception to that is with a subpoena or a court order as the results can heavily weigh in legal proceedings. Other than those scenarios, everything remains confidential in the drug testing process.

Question 10: Which type of drug testing is the best?

Drug testing has its uses and benefits. An oral test determines the drug use in the first 4 to 5 hours. But, it detects the drug used within the last two days. Urine tests distinguish drugs in the system for up to 4 days. A hair test can detect the drugs up to 3 months prior to testing.

Collecting the specimens for urine tests are done in private, but not always. For oral tests and hair tests, the samples are collected by the drug testing professional making it hard for the donor to cheat.

In the end, it solely depends on what you are trying to accomplish and why you are taking the drug test. Whether it is for probation, employment, court-ordered or other requirements, 24/7 Onsite can help determine what approach suits the best for your needs.

Conclusion –

It is the duty of everyone to keep the work environment safe, healthy, and productive. Our testing programs and processes help assure that it will be possible. With a nationwide service available, 24/7 Onsite makes drug testing fast and convenient for you.

Contact them today to know more about their service and get started. You can also schedule an appointment with the team online.

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