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The role of the artist in the middle of the storm

The shoots of art are lost in the remotest past of human societies. However, the plastic arts, by their very nature, leave the first traces of that marvelous awakening of being an artist in the world of aesthetic emotions. From that particular time to the present era where people find original art for sale Toronto, we can observe the conflicting situation in an artist’s work.

The artist expresses a reflection of culture

In art history, its social dependence is demonstrated with absolute precision in its beginnings and all its manifestations. It is anonymous, it is the work of the same people; then the artist begins to emerge, and his personality stands out and imposes himself; but only in manners, in styles, in schools, because what he expresses is a reflection of the culture within which his prodigious creativity shines.

The role of social condition in art has a tremendous role in the original art for sale Toronto. We determine it by the set that results from the general state of the spirit and the ambient customs.

But from the decisive influence of the social in original art for sale Toronto, we should not deduce that works of art have a transitory character, contingent value.

Every masterpiece of any branch of art is the objectification of culture, with specific distinctive qualities that make it timeless, that places it on a higher level in the world of eternal archetypes. More importantly, we can observe it in even the best modern art paintings.

The typology of the artist

First of all, I must warn that we cannot distinguish art creators from other human beings from the somatic or physical point of view.

Rather, the typology of the artist is from the field of Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and recently within Affective Neuroscience, Neuroaesthetics and Neuroeducation. Because if we accept a priori that it is an exceptional being and we cannot distinguish it by external features, its specific qualities must necessarily be mental.

The reason is that in ancient civilizations, the human brain has not changed in either its anatomy or its physiology. We can observe it in the best modern art paintings and original art for sale Toronto.

And it means that everything that differentiates a human being from the current society of the present century is culture, education, values, idiosyncrasy, of great difference to our contemporary, but not due to genetic changes in their brains.

Changes are transmitted from town to town

In all cultures, thanks to the mind’s neuronal codes and the epigenetics of individuals, the human being is three-quarters a product of the environment or medium. The artists of all kinds are also a part of it. Overall, it surrounds him and the rest of the genetic foundations.

The influence of being an artist

Being an artist implies exerting great social influence from the different angles of artistic creation in such a way that practically no one escapes that influence. In this situation of global crisis where uncertainty, fear, impotence, depression, anxiety, and despair are everywhere, it is an antidote to chaos. The objectification of artistic works is an essential value in all human society.

The reason is that we cannot conceive life from full of work, pain, anguish, pain, and suffering, without the respite provided by the escape into the world of art. So, whenever you find original art for sale Toronto online, you may observe the same situation there.

Being an artist is committing yourself with a high sense of responsibility to be creative, in the face of the challenges of daily life, to solve them with passion and conviction. The human being, in general, has a great treasure, neuroscience experts mention, because our brain has that neuroplasticity, which gives us the power to adapt to changes and reinvent ourselves.

Stopping yourself from becoming victims of circumstances, stripping yourself of that sinking, and transforming it into a discovery of motivation and conviction through believing and intensely desiring something means imagining what you want.

It helps create what you imagine achieving; with realistic, achievable decisions and constant work of original art for sale Toronto, that is, a substantial disruptive change.

Evolve and open up to a world of possibilities

The artist also possesses these benefits.

  • Know yourself to grow, improve, overcome and evolve.
  • Be open to that world of opportunities, even if they are not immediately visible, even if we are not clear about how we will achieve. 
  • Difficult to overcome the resistance phase; in the face of change, we know what we lose, but not what is to come.
  • In the face of the crisis, we must evolve as artists, as human beings, with a consistent approach of mutual aid and similar horizons.
  • Exercising ourselves as meeting beings in compassion, kindness, and generosity.
  • All this that I tell you is not only to encourage you, but give you a deep and live experience. 
  • The artist and any human being can create their reality.

The values ​​of responsibility and cooperation

  • The main value of art and being an artist; is the capacity to humanize ourselves, leaving aside our arrogance and destructive ego.
  • Being an artist of the best modern art paintings entails a deep responsibility to see in the other a reflection of oneself, with support for other artists and our peers.
  • Not in competition, but in cooperation
  • Being an artist is an indispensable element in human societies.
  • There is hardly any activity of collective interest in which no one notices their presence. 
  • Painting, for example, reproduces landscapes, towns, cities, streets, gates, squares, buildings, temples, that is, its environment and historical-social moment.

The influence of emotions

Emotion is the motor, and energy moves the world. Intellect and reason are not the only ones.

Emotions are the mechanisms that generate our survival, both individually and as a species.

Emotions powerfully influence the construction of ideas, imagination, and creativity. It happens when we associate it with the effective cerebral cortex, reasoning, feelings, and thoughts. We build ideals and imagination with the infinite emotional polychromy. It is personal and non-transferable. And it is a result of the knowledge, culture, and daily experiences experienced by their peers.

There are no cognitive processes, mental processes, without emotion.

Genius breaks out unpredictably to the surprise of the world, and very exceptionally. Some artists are gifted at expressing themselves in two or more artistic mediums. Michelangelo is an example. In addition to being a brilliant sculptor, he was also a painter, architect, and poet. Leonardo Da Vinci is another example who was an Italian engineer, sculptor, architect, painter, and scholar. We can mention many other cases in favor of our claim.

Final Words

Although we must admit that no formula guarantees the achievement of a masterpiece, great artists are rare. Those that generally concern us most are the multitude of artists of different stature. It makes up a work group in each country.

They are made up of evident albeit limited talents. More importantly, they are made for class or gender limitations and political or philosophical prejudices. They look at life through a narrow lens. According to them, they will never arouse the interest of our emotions and feelings. Furthermore, they will not fire our emotions to the maximum level. 

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