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The  Rupin Pass Trek 

The Complete Guide to Rupin Pass Trek 


A Change in Scenery at Every Turn 


In the event that there is an exemplary journey in India, it must be the Rupin Pass. This journey resembles an ensemble, gathering speed with shocks in landscape each hour or thereabouts. With each progression, the journey hurls another vista to see, another view to unfurl. Suddenly as well! 


The astonishments start directly from your first day of traveling. When, around 20 minutes into the path, you see the Rupin River show up, fanning out into a wide bed underneath you. Also, it doesn’t stop here. 


From here, the path takes you through hanging towns and afterward out of nowhere, it dives into profound pine backwoods! That is not all. The path at that point wanders through cold knolls, snow spans, icy valleys, snow fields and many cascades! 


The solitary consistent path that continues walloping you with shocks is the Rupin waterway. The blue waters of the Rupin runs along the path as though to supplement the view. Some of the time hurrying, now and again coasting by. 


This finishes in the renowned three phase water fall of the Rupin in the U-molded chilly valley. At the point when you see the cascade from a good way, it gives off an impression of being tumbling from the mists! 


And afterward this closes with an exciting thrive in the daring pass climb. No big surprise Rupin Pass journey is quite possibly the most top trips to do. It is an amazing experience! 


That being stated, this is a moderate-troublesome journey. You cover very nearly 10 km consistently and the territory is very interesting. The move to Rati Pheri from Upper cascade and the lofty rising to Rupin Pass through the gorge at 15,380 ft require awesome lung power. Plan well! 


Best Time to do Rupin Pass 


There are principally two seasons when you can do the Rupin pass journey – Summer and Autumn. During summer, the journey should be possible from mid-May to end of June. While in fall it very well may be done from mid September to mid October. These are the best occasions to do the Rupin pass journey. 


Rupin Pass in May – June 

Summer is customarily the most loved chance to journey to Rupin Pass. It’s mainstream in summer in light of the incredible snow experience the trip offers. 


Rupin Pass is one of those uncommon trips which has heaps of snow spans. Pretty much every late spring, you will locate your first snow connection just after the woods area past Jhaka, shockingly, directly underneath the woodlands. From here the snow areas start and go on in patches until Dhanteras Thatch. The renowned 3 phase Rupin Waterfall additionally has a monstrous snow connection that you use to climb the cascade. This snow connection remains the entire summer. 


Until the most recent seven day stretch of May, the segment of the trip from Dhanteras Thatch to Ronti Gad is generally under snow cover. This makes it a dazzling snow insight. The snow fields of Rata Pheri in May look not exactly a white moonscape. The pass climb and the snow slides on the opposite side are additional encounters to esteem throughout the mid year months. 


The principal half of June is our period to travel to Rupin Pass. This is the point at which we get a superb blend of greenery and day off. The snow has liquefied till the glades of Dhanteras cover. The knoll is in brilliant green with wildflowers blooming. This alongside the snow insight of the upper arrives takes the cake for us! 


Be that as it may, don’t lose heart in the event that you journey the second 50% of June. The upper stretches from Rata Pheri to Ronti Gad are as yet under day off. The crevasse climb and the snow slides go overall in summer.  


Rupin Pass in September – October 


The post-storm season gets a totally different arrangement of attractions on the Rupin Pass journey. 


The rainstorm is simply blurring and the whole valley from Dhaula has turned green. Many cascades show up all of a sudden up and down the path. The knolls of Saruwas Thatch and Dhanderas Thatch are sprouting with wild blossoms. 


As we move towards the long stretch of October, you’ll see the valley diverting brilliantly from the green that it was half a month ago.The snows are generally absent in the Autumn season however the magnificence and experience of the trip don’t allow you to feel the nonappearance of day off. Somewhere near the center of October the main snows of the period hit the pass. This makes traveling to Rupin pass risky and troublesome. 


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