The Special gift for Husbands

If you are looking for the best Islamic gifts for your husband, you would find so many choices to choose from. A gift of any nature or preference is a great idea for a man and women who are in a relationship. However, you should be very careful to choose only those items which you believe would be suitable. This is because a wrong choice of an item may create a wrong impression on the wife as well as the husband. In this article, we shall look at some of the best Islamic gifts for husband which can be used as a part of the Islamic cultural tradition.

Islamics gift Basket

An Isha gift basket is considered to be a perfect Islamic gift for a husband. The best part of such baskets is that they can be made and arranged according to your preferences. Books are a favorite item that is included in the basket. Bookshelves make a beautiful addition to Islamic gift baskets. These gift baskets come with various kinds of books such as books on the history of Islamic religions, books about the pillars of Islam, books on Islamic arts and crafts, and many more.

For those who love reading books, it is very important to buy good quality books. You can add beautiful pictures of Quran and other Islamic writings. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the books which are chosen for the gift should not in any way show an illustration of non-husbands. It is important that the books chosen should include topics related to marriage, divorce, and the way of living. This is because the main intention of these gifts is to convey the message that Islamic principles are compatible with western culture.

You can also send him a collection of poetry dedicated to Islamic principles. This is a wonderful way to make the man feel special. These kinds of books would include verses from the Quran and letters from the scholars of Islamic literature. Some examples of these books are:

Arabic Islamic gift

-Nasir al-uzhik, written by an scholar of Arabic literature – Shah Wali ud din, written by a famous scholar of Islamic literature – Kashf al-Daula by a famous scholar of  history -Mansoor al-Kubra by an Islamic poet – Shah Wali ud din al-khayyir by an Islamic poet – Hashmi’s Tapes by an poet. All these books make a very unique collection and would be an ideal choice for a husband on whom you really want to feel special.

You may also go for traditional dishes during the wedding anniversary. Halal food is a very popular option for a wedding anniversary. Many people would like to choose food that is strictly halal. Therefore, there is a huge variety of halal food available in the market. These include dishes such as, hummus, dates, pakoras, rice, and many more.

Other traditional dishes include meat, which is also a great choice, as it is considered as a form of meat. If you don’t want meat for your meals, then you can also go for other options such as fish, cheese, salads, and desserts. All these are a good choice for your loved ones and also make for a great special occasion.

If you are looking for something different than traditional books, then consider eBooks. They can be downloaded from the internet and delivered right at the door of your loved ones. There is a huge range of Islamic books available online. Most of them are written in Arabic and written in simple and easy-to-understand English. You can easily download these books from the internet and make your husband happy by giving him one. eBooks are very special Islamic gifts for husbands.

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