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The Ultimate Guide To Embed Twitter Feed On Website

How To Embed Twitter Feed on Website & Its Benefits?

Considered one of the fastest-growing platforms, Twitter has managed to garner a lot of attention from social media users mainly due to its overall vibe. Famously utilized as a microblogging platform, Social media users leverage Twitter to openly voice out their opinions about any ongoing trending topic be it politics, the film industry, or a trending web series. Over the years businesses have also started utilizing this social media platform to grow their businesses. Many brands have noticed positive results after they embed Twitter feed into their website. 

Embedding Twitter feed into the website has proven to be the most effective marketing strategy to upscale profits and increase clientele. In this blog, we shall be talking about the major benefits of embedding Twitter feed into the website and also about how to embed the feed using the best tools. 

Top 3 Most Efficient Tools To Embed Twitter Feed On Website:

Embedding Twitter Feed may sound like a technical task for many people but it is not quite the case. There are a few tools using which you can easily embed Twitter feed into your website without any prior technical knowledge or coding experience. 

Listed below are the 3 best tools for doing the needful:

1. Tagembed


Topping the list is Tagembed, one of the best UGC platforms to effortlessly collect, curate and embed Twitter feed into your website. 

Tagembed surely is the best Twitter aggregator in the market and performs the task seamlessly. This highly responsive tool enables you to customize the feed like adjust the width and height of the Twitter widget in accordance with the overall look and feel of your website. 

Moreover, you can choose from a variety of layout options, themes, colors, fonts, and various other branding options to further beautify the Twitter wall. You can utilize the moderation panel and remove any unwanted or obscene content from the widget too using the profanity filter. This way, you can maintain the content of the utmost and premium quality. 

Tagembed also gives the users the opportunity to analyze the performance of the Twitter wall. Using the analytics feature, you can get an insight into the number of clicks, the number of users visited, and many other useful insights which can help you improve the performance of the widget.  

Tagembed is an extremely user-friendly tool and you can easily embed Twitter feed into your website in a few easy steps. Just follow the easy steps mentioned below. 

Step By Step Guide To Embed Twitter Feed Using Tagembed Tool:

  • Login into your Tagembed Widget account 
  • Select +Create Widget and enter the name which you want to give to your widget 
  • Choose Twitter as your source from the pop-up menu 
  • Select your preferred connection type i.e.- Hashtags, Mentions, Handles, List, Favourites, Advanced 
  • Lastly, provide your Twitter credentials before generating your embed code 
  • Once you are done, click on the embed widget button 
  • Select the website building platform from the pop-up menu. You can select from Wix, HTML, WordPress, Squarespace, and many more 
  • Click on Auto or adjust the width and height of the widget as per your preference
  • Click on Get Code to get your embed code
  • Copy the code and paste it on the backend of your website and you are done! You have easily embedded your Twitter feed into your website. 

2. LiveWall


Another Twitter feed aggregator that helps you embed Twitter feed into your website is LiveWall. It helps you combine photos and videos from Twitter in a unified presentation and embeds them on your website. You can collect your feed using your connection type i.e.- Hashtags, mentions, location, keywords, etc. 

3. Tweet Wally


Tweet Wally is another best Twitter aggregation platform that can help you collect and curate content from Twitter. It seamlessly integrates the Twitter feed into your website too. 

The tool gives the option to customize the Twitter feed to its users as per the requirements. Additionally, the tool can be integrated with any device be it a projector, phone, or desktop. 

How Embedding Twitter Feed On The Website Can Benefit Your Business? 

Now that you are aware of the Twitter feed and the Top tools to embed Twitter feed on the website, listed below are the major benefits of embedding the feed into your website. 

1. Decreased Bounce Rate

When you embed Twitter feed into your website, you enhance the overall look of the website hence increasing the dwell time of your visitors which eventually leads to decreased bounce rate since people visit more time exploring your website. This even results in increased SEO ranking on the local search engines too. 

2. Instills Social Trust

By embedding a Twitter feed, you display User-Generated content in the form of images, videos, gifs, reviews, etc which in return helps in instilling trust in your existing as well as potential customers. 

Displaying UGC shows how loyal your customers are to your brand and convinces your potential customers to also make a purchase from your brand. 

3. Drastically Increase The Engagement Of Visitors 

After you embed Twitter feed into your website, you attract your visitors and convert them into your regular customers. Embedding Twitter feed into your website makes your website more attractive and appealing hence increasing the stay time and engagement of your visitors. 

4. Target Your Audience Better

Once there is an increase in the engagement of your visitors, you draw more attention from them and once they have your attention and go through your User’s Generated content, they trust the content more and get influenced by what your buyers have experienced and say about your brand. This results in better targeting of your customers and eventually a rise in conversions and sales. 

5. Skyrocket Your Conversions And Sales

As mentioned above, once you reap all the benefits mentioned and there is an increase in other areas, you shall surely see a big change in your business prospects and of course, once you gain the trust of your customers, you surely will witness wonders and see a growth in your conversion rates and overall sales. 

Final Thoughts

Twitter Marketing is the need of the hour since the social media platform is growing at an extremely fast rate. While many marketers are still adopting the old methods, the newest trend is to embed a Twitter feed into your website. If you are a business and are looking for an easy, powerful and quick way to increase your business and maximize your profits, then embedding a Twitter feed is surely the best bet.

Get going now! 

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