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The Ultimate Tips for a Safe and Secure Garage!

Love your car? Park it not around the corner of the lane, but in your house. Love it more? Then build a special garage space for it! Phew! It is safe now. But wait! The statistics say that there are around more than 1 million burglaries happening at residential properties each year. Now we doubt if your car is safe even inside the garage. You have to do something better and be more careful to secure the same. We wonder what that can be!

Some garage security tips to follow without fail!

Maybe the burglars aren’t targeting your vehicle; they’ll obviously be looking to enter your premises through the garage.  So, when garages are such easy prey for burglars, it is necessary to secure them first. And if you want to know what it takes to get maximum security and safety around your garage, then read on.

  • Always keep the garage door closed —The basic thumb rule to follow in order to attain maximum security is always keeping the garage door locked. Or it’s better to install automatic doors that get locked by just pulling down the shutters.
  • Never ever leave the remote of this door in your car — Do you have a that bad habit of keeping your garage door remote in your car? Then you’ll never know who picks it up from there and uses it to enter the garage later. Fix a safe and private place to store this remote away from prying eyes. Better opt for a smart garage security system — the access to the garage system shall now be via your phone.
  • Select your garage doors wisely — When you install the garage door, ensure to pick only the best quality and strong one. The steel line garage door from OPS Services is the best in this regard, and also comes with advanced garage door locking security. This ensures that no one can get access to your garage easily
  • Cover your garage windows —Windows in your garage door is a nice aesthetic choice. But these can lead to breaches of security because anyone can peep and plan a burglary through this window. Keeping it covered especially when you aren’t around for long is the best trick to ensure that your car (and other valuables, if any) in the garage is safest.
  • Ensure that your garage door and the lock are in good condition— Sometimes your security is at risk because your garage door or the lock isn’t in good condition. They are either too outdated or damaged somehow. This is like inviting the burglars in. It is better that you never let your garage stay in this insecure condition even for a day. Repair the damaged door and lock and replace them immediately if they are too outdated.
  • Invest in your exterior lighting — The exterior lights provide you enough security to keep the burglars at bay. While on the contrary, if there is darkness, it’s easier for the thieves to attack your garage. However, if you are investing in good bright lights, this place remains secure.

There is nothing worse than returning home and finding your garage door broken and car or other items stolen. Well, why face such terrible trouble when some simple measures can prevent the time when you can prevent the problem?! 

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