The use of custom retail boxes in different industries

June, my 5-year-old was given a project to list the products that make use of cardboard-based custom retail packaging boxes. The school had already provided her with an official permission note that she had to show at the local departmental store. This slip was a key for students and their parents to conclude the research work about custom retail packaging without any hassle. She told me all this when I kissed David off to work and decided to make the most of my day munching on a chocolate cookie and a piping hot cup of coffee. June looked at melt with eyes that can make a mother’s heart melt and that did the trick. It was David’s turn to assist kids with homework this weekend, I decided to help June and her list down the cardboard-based custom retail boxes. Besides, it would save me from doing groceries alone, a job I hate.

“I smell cupcakes!” June exclaimed as we entered the first section of the departmental store. Sure enough, delicious vanilla-infused air wafted from the live bakery section. I almost bought myself a slice of banana muffin sitting in its custom cardboard packaging. But then I thought of the chocolate cookie I had gobbled up in the morning. Too much sugar for one meal, I reminded myself and moved away. But I did buy assorted donuts for kids. I realized that these assorted donuts came in cardboard-based custom tuck top boxes. They even had a little plastic window with a transparent sheet attached through which the customers could see what they were buying without touching it. I think it is a perfect tool for minimizing human contact with the packed food.

Custom Retail Boxes

As I asked a bit more about these boxes from the bakery counter, I was told that these tuck top boxes and many others sitting on the retail shelves were crafted from biodegradable stocks. June asked me about the term biodegradable and I explained to her that these custom cardboard packaging boxes would perish on their own. But they won’t release any harmful chemicals or substances behind. This way our planet and the living beings on it including, animals, plants, and humans won’t be affected. We moved through the aisles of the packaged food and beverages. Most product tags for food and beverage products were made from cardboard. Some glass bottles did not come in boxes. They wore custom printed sleeves made from recyclable stocks. Most beverages and juice bottles came in custom bottle boxes. The premium wine bottles were packed in custom rigid boxes, which are also a type of custom cardboard packaging.

Custom rigid boxes are also used for packing and marketing perfumes and jewelry. Even the cosmetic industry is making use of these boxes. When these companies launch a collection of their products in gift sets, they make use of custom rigid packaging. It helps them to reach out to their customers. Even small and medium-sized companies opt for this packaging despite restricted budgets. They offer custom rigid box packaging on limited stocks.

Custom Packaging Boxes

Companies often use other features and details on this custom packaging to offer a memorable unboxing experience to their customers. The sight of these boxes excites the customers. They often record the entire unboxing experience through their cameras and upload it on social media platforms. This popularity exposes the brand to potential customers all over the world.

Custom cardboard packaging discourages the use of one-time-use plastic and other harmful materials. It helps curb the problem of litter. The biodegradable stocks used for making custom boxes help preserve the resources of our planet ad help in recycling materials and saving energy.

By the time we, were done with our list, we had covered almost the entire retail outlet. Yet our list seemed unending. If you are doing jewelry business and seeking custom cardboard packaging boxes for your products, gets in touch with ClipnBox packaging experts right away.

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