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The Use of Power press & Planner machine in sheet metal industry.

Power Press:

A power press machine is a heavy-duty machine that can be used to bend, cut, and press workpieces into different sizes and shapes. The press mechanism of a power press adjusts to each workpiece using built-in functions that are easy to use and maintain because the power press can easily form many heavy-duty metals.

This is one of the most versatile and widely-used sheets of metal equipment. These machines use high pressure to form metal sheets into various shapes and sizes. This is the most common machine in every sheet metal industry and every workshop.

There are many machines that are used in Sheet metal industries like Hydraulic shearing machines, Ironworker machines, and many more but these two are the main machines that every workshop needed.

There are two main types of tools:

the C type Power Press Machine and the Pillar type. This is based on their frames. These versatile industrial pressing tools can be used to perform various operations like pressing, cutting, and bending.

There are many types of power presses available today, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric. The mechanical press is a fast, precise device. The clutch engages the flywheel and powers a crank mechanism. Hydraulic presses work through two hydraulic cylinders that are synchronized on the frames. These cylinders move the top beam. To exert the necessary force and energy on a ram, pneumatic presses use air pressure. To apply pressure to the ram, electric presses use a servo motor to move the belt drive/ball screw drive.

Applications that require less tonnage are a good candidate for the electric and pneumatic power press machines. High-quality goods can be made using these reliable and precise hydraulic presses. So they are safer than flywheel-driven presses and use less energy. A safety mechanism allows for the ram to be stopped at any moment.

These equipment are low-noise and rust-proof, so they can be used at high speeds to produce maximum output. This multipurpose equipment has been thoroughly tested for extreme conditions. These sheet metals are available in many sizes and at affordable prices. You can use them for many different forms if you have the right die design.

Computer-controlled power presses are available in the most recent models. These devices have sensors and gauges that allow the operator to set the manufacturing process. Also, modern power presses use advanced technology to efficiently perform complex sheet metal jobs in many industrial sectors at a low cost. At Rajesh group, we provide quality machines.

The Power Press Machine’s foundation:

A power press machine’s principle is to rework the sheet of metal by applying the necessary force. The main components of a power press machine are a bed, ram, and clutch as well as a flywheel and crankshaft. After the workpiece has been placed on the bed, the lower and upper dies are connected to the ram. The operation starts after it is fed to the machine. So that it allows for shaping, pressing, and other functions.

The types of equipment used in power press machines:

Pillar type: This equipment can perform a wide variety of tasks and is reliable, safe, and reliable.

Hydraulic Power Press: The hydraulic cylinder is used for the pressure and compressive strength of the workpiece.

C type power press: The C type power press machine has one of its key features, which is the ability to shape and mold the workpiece into the desired shapes.

Power Press Machine Applications:

  1. A power press machine is a popular tool in the manufacturing industry because of its metal-bending efficiency.
  2. So the automotive, engineering and electric sectors are uses these machines.
  3. The machine’s hydraulic cylinder performs all its duties and generates compressive power.

Power Press Machines Have Many Benefits:

  1. It transforms the workpiece using operations like the press, trims, and disassembles, as well as assembles.
  2. The power press machine is durable and can withstand long periods of time without any maintenance.
  3. It is very easy to use and It is easy to set up and very affordable to start.
  4. We can easily move the machine around our workplace because of its compact size and versatility.

Safety measures:

This machine is classified as a heavy machine, so it is important to follow some guidelines when using the machine in a factory or workshop.

  • When not in use, turn the machine off.
  • Make a manual or post the instructions for the machine.
  • The person who knows about the machine.
  • Each person should be familiar with the operation of the machine.

Planer Machine:

A planner Machine is used for the flat surface in the workshop. So that planer machines are used for making a flat surface in the workpiece. It is a powerful machine. 

The planer machine looks similar to a shaper but it is quite heavy. The work is placed on a table, and the planer machine’s stationary cutting tool is passed it. But, this is different than the shaper. The ram supports the tool above the stationary work. It is fed by the shaper’s transverse movement and the planner’s lateral movement.

The planer machine’s primary components are the bed, table, cross rail, housings, and tool heads. The reciprocating ram of a Planer device holds the device in place. With the help of the reciprocating ram, the tool cuts the workpiece in a forward stroke.


  1. Perfectly finishing a flat or curved surface.
  2. Angle cutting requires precise joint measurements.
  3. Create deep grooves and holes in your workpiece.

Types Of Planer Machines :

There are many types of Planer machines. Each serves a different purpose.

  1. Planer for dividing tables
  2. Planer for Double Housing
  3. Open side planer machine
  4. Planer or plate

The Advantages of the Planer Machine:

  1. Gives greater accuracy so this is the main advantage. 
  2. It required regular maintenance

The disadvantages of the Planer Machine:

  1. Machine prices are high
  2. Power consumption is much higher.
  3. The only choice is a single-point cutter.

There are many machines that are the best in the Sheet metal industry but these two are the main machines because of the portability of the machine.

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