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There’s a Very Good Chance You Have Herpes Virus, Here is Why?


There’s a Very Good Chance You Have Herpes Virus, Dealing Stigma?

What? How? When did I get this pathogen?


Slow it down,

Don’t get into a tizzy man.

We all are in the same boat.

I assure you. Calm Down.

“An estimated 3.7 billion people under age 50 (67%) have HSV-1 ( Herpes Virus 1) infection globally,” “An estimated 491 million people aged 15-49 (13%) worldwide have HSV-2 infection.”

World Health Organization (WHO) has made this statement concretely that paints a picture of viral-epidemic across the globe.

Many of you are unaware of your existing medical condition despite acquiring this condition years ago.

Don’t you have one?

Well, that felt great to ears.

Did you ever try knowing it through definitive means?

Might Not.

This is where you are wide of the mark.

For those who are unfamiliar to this worldwide epidemic, enjoy the rant below.

Let’s first puzzle out the herpes virus.

Herpes is a cutaneous (health conditions related to the skin) condition which whi… ohohohoho… what Stacey? Am I wrong to be expressive?

Sorry Visitors, Sometimes I just get blown away with my emotion when I write.

Listen to Stacey Wood, and She is a Registered Nurse, Master of Science and an Author of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), She will tell you a bit about herpes.

She has more knowledge than me.

Over to you, Stacey.

What is Herpes Simplex Virus?

Herpes Simplex Virus also termed HSV is an incurable recurrent viral infection which may manifest mild to severe symptoms such as redness, swelling, cold sores, pain, itching etc. The symptoms may further graduate to more severe forms that are oozing blisters, excruciating pain, ulcers and scabs. This is an infection to which billions of people have bowed down. They have ultimately surrendered to this virulent virus.

There are over 100 types of viruses, of which 8 have the potential to infect humans. Out of 8, three viruses are insanely common these days. These are Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV1), Simplex Virus Virus 2 (HSV2) and Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV).

HSV-1 also known as herpes labialis, is an infection with a potential to infect your mouth and its surrounding such as lips, chin, nose and even eyes. Eyes herpes further has a broad topic of discussion and is known as herpes keratitis.

What about STD exposure?

The next virus that is HSV-2 loves exploring down below. When you are into intimacy, if any one of the two has this virus, the chances of infection increase significantly even if the protection is there. However, protection such as condoms decreases the likelihood of this STD exposure.

HSV-2 infects your genitals, for example, penis, vagina, vulva, thighs and surrounding body parts. These are the reasons why HSV-2 also known as genital herpes.

It may infect neonates as well if the mom has had herpes at the time of delivery.

Varicella-Zoster Virus is the same virus that causes chickenpox and shingles.

The Cross-Cultural Differences | Herpes Stigma

Back to me!!!

Thanks, Stacey for coming to this detailed explanation.

I have personally experienced thousands suffering from herpes-induced mental anguish. They can’t walk in daylight, and enjoyment is no more in the checklist, no more friends, no social life nothing. Their life has ruined.


Because you and I draw up the so-called society and our prejudice.

A few years ago, I was into the same preconceived idea about those who were tagged as STD patients. I used to laugh at them, judge them based on their disease. Then one day, I got news about my younger brother contracting genital herpes.

That was the incident which changed my approach towards those infection-stricken individuals. I knew my brother well, to this date, I didn’t know how he got the herpes virus, but, one thing I certainly know is that he is a guy who is into his 16 with his real identity lost somewhere. He can’t make new friends, a heartbroken, tearful boy who didn’t do anything wrong, yet he is sentenced to a lifetime of burdens.

The cross-cultural differences are what make this disease a stigma in society. We are taught to keep a safe distance from those with so-called “dirty herpes patients”. It’s in the vein of our society to look at those with hatred. The society is bombarding the upcoming generations with hatred and rooting prejudice into the young minds.

The consequences of this approach might be catastrophic as you will see more and more herpes patients succumbing to the mental agonies. Stigma is a big thing for those with herpes because this status doesn’t allow them to live a normal life, they get depressed, become the victim of inferiority complex, constant suicidal thoughts home their mind. We need to correct this.

Overcoming This Burden

Believe me, man!!

Society isn’t going to change. Society starts with us; our change in mind will ensure the automatic transformation of our society. We need to reshape our thinking; we need to re-educate our mind on how to be compassionate.

Compassion is one of the best tools at your disposal to ease the mental agonies of those who are suffering from social seclusion, depression and dozens of other complexities in their lives. Try to talk to them, ask them if they need anything and if you think they need help, help them unconditionally.

We are ending here but would like to exchange a bit of word with those sufferers as well.

You are a fighter, love yourself if no one loves you. You are precious to the ones who understand your value. Don’t let others pull the chain of your life; live life on your conditions because it is not the end of life. Herpes isn’t the end of life; there is life beyond herpes which is more valuable, meaningful and if you enjoy learning that, you will love yourself.

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