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Things your Architect wants you to know

Architects are your Ginnie out of the lamp, who will fulfill your wish and bring your dream home into a reality. Want a jacuzzi? A sliding pool? A backdrop kitchen? Top to bottom sliding doors?  You name it and you have it. Planning and Designing your home, and coordinating the construction is the job of the architect. Here are a few things your architect wants you to know-

Communication is the key

Communication is the basic tool with which we exchange information, with which we let others know about our needs and requirements that need to be fulfilled. 

Once you decide on whom you are going to hire, make your communication thorough and proper. You and your architect must be present in the same stance only.

Be open to their ideas and inputs, once you have fed them with the wishes that are required by you for them to fulfill. Tell them about your design, how you imagine your home to be, and what “extra” touch would you want to have, be as honest as you can while discussing your budget because the architect would work and plan respectively. 

Your important involvement

Now, just discussing your dream home and dropping all of the ideas on your architect like an avalanche and leaving would not gain you any benefit. You will need to be involved in the whole process of planning to the occasional presence while construction just to have an overlook or oversee the project and how it’s going about everything. 

Quality over Price

It’s a long old saying that goes saying a good quality for a little extra money is always a good deal, so if your architect is giving you an option of an alternative and better product, you are advised to always go for it.  Since the professionals know what they are doing and how to go about it, you must pay heed to their offers and inputs. 

A home inspector

A home inspector would only confirm the quality work of your house done by the architect, giving you a green flag for living. A home inspection is one of the most mandatory things that one should get done before moving into their homes. They will perform a deep analysis of your home and provide you with a detailed report of your home. You can use the report to your advantage, and keep them for further referrals. So, getting a Home Inspection in Ottawa could tell you how strong and well-maintained your house is, even at a time of adversity. 

Things might not be as exact as your dream:

While it would be great to have your dream home come to reality it is more unlikely that the result will be the same. While there is no issue with your designs, however, it is unlikely for the accurate design to come to reality which could be because of design-related issues, accessibility, or simply even because of its uselessness. 

 A better understanding

Anything works when communication and ideas are flowing and exchanged. Your understanding should be at a maximum high with your architect. You should be open to their suggestions and give them the most honest feedback because, in the end, you are the client, and your wishes are all they are working for. 

Your transparency is as necessary as is the understanding, so make sure you don’t hide anything.


Everyone wants their home to be exactly what they envisioned and It is possible only because of your architect, who is here for you and to make your dream come true. 

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