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Three Ways To Ensure That Your Vehicle Passes The MOT Test

The Ministry of Transport conducts a three-yearly test on the vehicles to determine their eligibility to be driven on the roads. This test judges the car on different parameters, and you need to pass each of them to get a pass certificate. Although passing this test is not an arduous task, many people fail because of their ignorance towards minor maintenance issues.

Passing an MOT test is a straightforward job, and you can do it too with some routine self-assessment. You must also read the eligibility-related details carefully so that you can tweak your vehicle’s performance accordingly. Here is an article on five ways to ensure that your car passes the MOT test.

Take note if your tyres’ condition

Tyres are crucial components for vehicle performance and safety, and they must be in pristine form to pass the MOT test. Discussed below are a few tyre assessment tips.

  • The average of a good tyre is ten years from the manufacturing date; the manufacturing is printed on the tyre’s sidewall in the form of a four-digit code. The first two digits of this code denote the month, and the last two digits, the year of manufacturing. Read this code to ensure that your tyres haven’t completed their age.
  • Ensure the proper condition of sidewalls. If there are too many visible cracks and bulges on the outer, replace your tyres before taking the MOT Test Hartlepool.
  • Maintain the recommended tyre pressure and ensure that your tyres do not have slow punctures. The recommended pressure is mentioned either on the fuel chamber or the driver’s door.
  • The tread depth should be at a minimum of 1.6 mm. For this reason, put a penny in one of the ridges; if half of the penny is visible, you must replace your tyres.

Take note of other crucial details

The parameters required to pass the MOT test are a combination of various performance and safety pointers. For this reason, a vehicle’s every component must function correctly and in proper coordination. Here is a list of some minor essential details which you cannot overlook:

  • The windshield should ensure complete visibility and clarity, and you must remove any spot or dirt that might hamper the view. If there is any crack wider than 1cm on the windshield, you must replace it.
  • The wipers must function correctly and not leave any wiping spot behind. They should also work in coordination with the driver’s input. Additionally, also ensure that you recharge the water tank for the wipers.
  • All the lamps must function properly in tandem with the driver’s input, and they should be free of flickers. Replace the fused bulbs and ensure that they have minimum required brightness per European Safety Standards.
  • If your vehicle has been into a deep impact collision, replace all the damaged parts, and get rid of all such dents that might hamper the vehicle handling.
  • You must also ensure that the registration plate is tightly screwed in its space and all the characters are in legal font and font size. Additionally, ensure that the bulb over the plate is functioning correctly and provides clear visibility of the characters.

Take your car to the garage

The MOT tests do not perform extreme performance tests on the vehicle, but they check whether the emissions are per the environmental standards. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that all the internal components are optimised so that they do not burn more fuel than required.

Additionally, to keep the noise and vibration in check, it is crucial to recharge all the essential oils. Brake oils ensure the smooth application of brakes without unnecessary screeching noises. Similarly, engine oils provide that the internal components do not heat up too much due to friction.

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