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Tips for catching bass from real experts

Fishing for bass is a tricky task for many anglers, even for those who have decent experience with trying their luck in different waters. They’re smart fish which do not always fall for the simplest of tricks and learning how to catch them is a process which requires time.

The best way to learn how to fish for bass in my opinion is to take advice from anglers who have plenty of years of experience and in many cases have fished for bass not only as a hobby but on a professional angler level as well.

In this article, I will present to you some of the best bass fishing advice I could find. So, for your next fishing trip, grab a proper rod like the savage gear mpp2, for example, some bait as well as other accessories and utilize this advice to your advantage.

I’m sure that you’ll achieve great results almost immediately.

Bass love shredded worms

A quite simple tip comes from you using fake bait, like plastic worms for example. Many of us tend to throw out those who’ve worn out or broken down. However, you shouldn’t do that when it comes to bass fishing.

These fish prefer attacking prey that are wounded and helpless, so a plastic worm that’s broken is the perfect type of fake bait to use against them. Even better, stack multiple of them at the same time on your hook, as you’ll make it even more attractive for them.

This works especially well in shallow waters.

Use red to trick them

Another tip for shallow waters is to use the color red with your baits. An example could be a spinner with a pink or red head or a crank bait that has a red hook attached on it.

The color red is another trick to make your bait seem like a wounded prey just waiting to be grabbed as the red color associates with blood.

Cast closer than your target

When you’re casting your bait, instead of allowing the wire to go all the through and putting your bait exactly on the target, stop the rod a bit further back, leaving a bit of space. An even better thing would be let the bait hit the water from a higher angle.

This means that the bait will separate on a wider scale, covering more ground and increasing your chances of success.

Sharpen your hooks

For some this may seem like a redundant task to do, but professional anglers make sure that their hooks are sharp before each trip. This won’t take more than a minute for each one.

Since most fish, including bass have strong bones, this will allow you to penetrate their jaw more easily.

Make sure your facing the wind direction

Even if it means sacrificing some of the distance that you’ll use for fishing, the best practice for bass fishing is to do that with wind straight in your face.

Since they always swim with the current, your best bet would be to go in the opposite direction so that they can find your bait before they find you and your boat. Moreover, the sound of water hitting your boat will go in the opposite direction, which is great.

Use bait appropriate for the season

Not many know this, but the eating habits of bass fish differentiate depending on the season. The best advice from experts when going fishing is to use bait that is peach colored, which imites crayfish.

This can be used throughout the year. In the warmer seasons you should go for more silver colors.

Best time to fish – before a storm

It is said that the best time to fish for bass is just before an upcoming storm. The fish become stressed and more active during this time, which is great for you wanting to catch them.

Clear skies usually means less success, so avoid going out when it’s completely clear in the sky.

All in all

In this article, I’ve given my take on the best tips for bass fishing for professionals. Practice does make perfect, so you best bet would be to go on regular fishing trips in order to master the art of bass fishing. However, these tips will certainly help you to know the how-to.

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