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Tips on How You Can Take Care of Your Water color Painting

Watercolors involve an amazing blend of colors that combine beauty and charm in a way that no other art form does. Watercolor artworks and paintings are frail and can face damage quickly.  

Watercolors are popular among art enthusiasts because of their gorgeous soft colors, delicate fusion effects, variable degrees of visibility, and even application.  

Firstly, a fine mixed powder of watercolor pigment is prepared with the help of Arabic gum. This gum is water-soluble in nature. Artists combine the colors with water and apply them to absorbent materials such as textured paper. 

Color pigments are held together with gum when water starts to evaporate, and they stay on the surface.  

Painting with watercolors, however, is a whole other experience. It may be complicated, perplexing, and entertaining all at the same time. 

The people who love artwork decorate their houses with various water paintings and other artworks. You can feel very happy with water color painting images hanging on the walls of your home. However, if you want your painting to last long, you will have to put some effort into its protection and preservation.  

If you have recently purchased a beautiful artwork and are unsure how to care for it, here are some suggestions. 

It is Important to Frame Watercolors 

one of the primary shields for watercolor painting is a glass shield. There are many reasons why you should cover your painting under glass.  

Watercolors are often created on paper. Therefore, it deteriorates quickly if left out open. Furthermore, normally a water-resistant coating is not added to the paper before painting because it makes the color application harder.  

Most painters do not add any protective varnish to their work, leaving the paintings in the environment.  

When watercolors come into touch with moisture, they rehydrate. Colors may move, run, or shatter, wrecking the painting. A glass front will keep dust and moisture out of the artwork. 

Watercolor painting in your home can make you feel very calm. They give a soothing effect.  Many people like their watercolor painting images exposed without being covered in glass.  

However, though you may not like the idea of enclosing your lovely watercolor painting in glass, the dust has the ability to irreversibly destroy the painting. 

Watercolor paper is a highly fragile surface that will be easily harmed if dust is applied to it. A protective glass shield can keep your artwork safe from dust, moisture, pests, mildew, and mold. It is important to apply glazed glass to the painting.  

You can understand why experts advocate framing a painting beneath glass today. 

Important Techniques to Achieve Framing 

Archival framing ensures that your artwork maintains its appearance, liveliness, and quality in the future to come. Through archival framing, everything will last long, whether it’s a piece of art or your favorite sofa. Everything will stay fresh for a long period of time.  

So, what does archival framing entail? 

Archival framing involves the practice of preserving art, paintings, and mementos. The framing materials do not have any negative impact on painting.  

Every material that is present in archival framing is made of acid-free materials to not cause any harm to the product or painting you are preserving.  

Use linen rags for the mat board. This product is free from any type of harmful acids and is of the best score. It is never a good option to use an adhesive like the glue of such frames.  

A technique that you can use is to attach the artwork to the mat board with paper tapes. They are of good quality and won’t damage the artwork in the long run. 

The best thing about archival painting is that the procedure is reversible, which means it will cause no damage to the art. 

Be very happy with watercolor painting images in a preserved form hanging on the walls of your home. 

The Frame’s Quality Is Important

When it comes to preserving your painting from dust and other environmental issues, you will not find many color options.  

Mostly color mats can make the painting look esthetic and unique. However, the option of framing to preserve the artwork is limited. Normally, simple and neutral tones are used to preserve the artwork. 

You can also use the beautiful customized frame for decorating and preserving your art. Adding beautiful frames and things will add more charm and appeal to your artwork. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that in case you are not using an archival frame, then you will have to line the innards of the frame with natural Ph solution because that part comes in contact with the art.  

Protect from Sunlight 

Factors such as light and humidity can affect the watercolor painting very easily. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the painting is not at a place where it faces damage.  

Do not hang watercolor paintings where sunlight can directly fall on them, like the window, our outdoor area with sunlight access.  

When exposed to rays of sunlight, the color dyes and pigments of watercolors are particularly sensitive and degrade fast. It will be disappointing to see the paper dry up, become brittle, bleach out, and develop an unsightly yellow tint. 

Fluorescent light is just as harmful to watercolors as sunshine, so you will want to keep your artwork away from it. 

Hang the picture in a room with fluorescent lighting. The best way to showcase the painting is using a low-emission ceiling spotlight. 

Do Not Hang the painting at Inappropriate Places 

You cannot hang your watercolor painting anywhere in the house.   If you are applying the painting in the kitchen, keep it away from the heat, moisture, smells, or oils because these things can wreck the painting.  

Also, do not hang painting near heaters or any other appliances that emit east because this can permanently harm the color pigments. 

Experts recommend rotating the paintings on a regular basis to prevent them from overexposure. 


Watercolors are luminous, and they give your house a calming, serene feel. By keeping these ideas in mind, you can ensure that they stay attractive and safe for future generations. 

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