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Top 10 Business Ideas In Kerala

If you are someone who is looking for small business ideas in Kerala then you will get many ideas. This is a state where you can start a small business even with less investment. You will get various ideas for best business blogs if you start thinking about them. There are many options for online business blogs which will prove beneficial to you very much. So, below are some small business ideas with low investment if you are not having any knowledge about them. 

10 Business ideas with low investment


Body and health is the most concerning topic among today’s population. This business can prove a good idea as this idea meets the needs of the public. You just have to be organized and offer differentials so that customers are attracted. This is one of the profitable ideas with little money. It is one of the latest business trends.

2.Wedding Agency Business

Marriage is a very auspicious moment and a lot of work is needed to organize the event. And to lower the burden, many people hire wedding planning agencies to do all the preparations. One should have the knowledge about parties and decoration and should be adaptable to preferences. 

3.Astrology Business

Many people are there who believe in astrology and are eager to know about the future. So, they go to an astrologer just to know about the future. All you require is to specialize in a subject, and should offer quality service. 


Men are so caring towards their face, they seek the work of professionals to cut hair and shave. All you need is to offer quality work and treatments to customers. 

5.Toy Business

Toys are used as a source of entertainment for children. Parents seek these toy shops for the sake of children so that children remain happy. There should be proper knowledge to deal in toys. 

6.Uniform Making Business

This business is a very promising business, because you are able to work with different segments, like school clothes or clothes for employees. Just make the products with quality and should be able to make various options for customers. It is one of the best business blogs India.

7.Pet Shop

Pet owners should look after pets in a good way, so that pets should look better. If you want to work in this field, you should understand animals in a better way. Should be a responsible person and provide good service. 

8.Cold and Dairy Business

To prepare dishes like sweets from dairy products you directly go to the supermarket in search of these things. Opening a store stuffed with these products is a good mindset to offer options. It is one of the best business ideas in this entrepreneur blogs.

9.Repair Carpentry Business

At home, there are many pieces of furniture which need to be repaired. Who has knowledge in this area can open this business for offering services. It is one of the best business ideas in one this one of the best small business blogs.

10.Pizzeria Business

Pizza, a type of food which is in demand very much in today’s generation. So, it will provide a good opportunity to undertake the business successfully. But, open pizzeria in urban locations so it comes into focus.

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