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Top 20 attractions in Switzerland

Think of Switzerland and the image of alpine meadows, famous cuckoo clocks and chocolate melting in your mouth immediately arises. In principle, this is already the quintessence of this small. Mountainous and rich country, conveniently located in the very center of Europe. Add to this the trendy ski resort of Zermatt or St. Moritz , popular among celebrities or Davos among politicians , plus the charming old town of Bern , banking Zurich with its art galleries and cosmopolitan lake , and you will understand what makes Switzerland so attractive for tourists for switzerland tour package from pakistan!

Here are collect 20 sights of Switzerland, which you must see if you decide to visit this beautiful country.

Top 20 attractions in Switzerland:

1. Chillon Castle

Montreux , Canton of Vaud

20 best sights of Switzerland Chateau de Chillon Montreux Sqitzerland 20 best sights of Switzerland

Situated in a fantastic location on the east side of Lake geneva, framed by rocky mountains. Chiolne Castle is one of Switzerland’s top attractions. Seemingly rising out of the water, this medieval fortress and famous prison is one of the best-preserved examples of medieval architecture in Europe. Let yourself take a leisurely walk through the Great Hall, the Hall of Justice, the Arsenal. The Chapel of St. George and other halls of the castle, which will reveal to you the history of this fort. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the Bonivara prison, as well as admire the magnificent scenery of the shores of Lake , on foot or on one of the cruise ships.

2. Protected area Jungfrau – Aletch

Jungfrau , Bernese Oberland , Canton of Valais

Top 20 Swiss Attractions - Aletsch

Virtually untouched except for trails and a few scenic mountain huts, the¬†¬†Jungfrau -Aletsch region in the Swiss Alps is the largest glacial zone in Western Europe. Located between the cantons of Bern and Valais , this area is a group of eternal mountain glaciers with an area of ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äčabout 35,000 hectares. It is here that the longest glacier in the Alps, Aletch, is located, stretching for 23 km. A trip here will be a real journey into the world of ice and rocks, sheer peaks and alpine flora and fauna. Not surprisingly, the Jungfrau-Aletsch region has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations, with amazing opportunities for skiing and hiking. With breathtaking panoramic views and local specialities.

3. Lake Lugano

Lugano , Mendrisio , Melide , Morcote , Canton of Ticino

Monte Bre Ticino Lugano Switzerland Lake Lugano

Located in the Italian-speaking part of southern Switzerland, the city of Lugano attracts tourists with its Italian atmosphere, with palm trees, picturesque boulevards and magnificent views of the Alps and Lake Lugano. With picturesque villages along the banks and surrounded by green mountains, Lake Lugano is an ideal place for recreation and active tourism. Quite elongat, 36 km long and no more than 2 km wide, Lake Lugano is the only lake in Switzerland to be crossed by a bridge.

If you like to hike (the lazier ones can use the funicular), then you can climb Mount Monte San Salvatore to enjoy the best view of the lake and the surrounding area.

4. Matterhorn Peak

Zermatt , Canton of Valais


It is here, in the small village of Zermatt, that nature lovers start their routes to the magnificent kingdom of the Swiss Alps! Here you will find over 400 km of hiking trails leading to magnificent landscapes with breathtaking views of the Alps. Here you will feel insignificant compared to the majesty of the Matterhorn, which cuts the sky. And although it is not the highest mountain in Switzerland (4478 meters above sea level), it is definitely one of the most famous peaks, which has become a real test for many. Many experienced climbers died here in an attempt to overcome the impregnable steep slopes of the Matterhorn. In any case, your route will start from Zermatt Рalthough small, but one of the most prestigious ski resorts in Europe.

5. Vierwaldstätt Lake (Lake Lucerne)

Lucerne , Vitznau , Weggis , Sisikon , Fluelen ,  Lake Vierwaldstätt

Luzern lake Vierwaldstattersee Fronalpstock Top 20 attractions in Switzerland

How about a steamboat cruise across the shimmering expanses of the lake, surrounded by a ring of sky-high mountains, made even more majestic by the reflection in the water of their wooded slopes descending to the lake?¬†Called the “heart of Switzerland” and the “lake of the Four Cantons”, Lake Vierwaldschett or, as it is often called,¬†Lake Lucerne¬†attracts many tourists with its picturesque mountain slopes, the colorful carpet of the famous R√ľtli meadow, the healing springs of Kaltbad, the chestnut and almond forests of¬†Mount Rigi and the soothing azure waters, immersing you in Swiss nirvana.

6. Bern’s Old Town

Bern , Canton of Bern


Situated on a hill and surrounded on three sides by the river Aare, medieval Bern has retained its former charm, with its sandstone squares, clock tower and numerous arcades lining the streets. Cobbled streets, babbling fountains, fabulous clocks, and ornate arcades all reflect the concept of urban planning in the 11th and 12th centuries. If you happen to be in Bern, don’t miss the Zytglogge – the clock tower. With its moving figures and a prison in the background of the story, it is the main attraction of the city. Other sights in Bern include Albert Einstein’s apartment, the cathedral (M√ľnster) and the Bear Pit, now turned into a park on the side of the river, where you can admire the symbol of Bern – shaggy bears. The parent bears were donat to the city by then President Medvedev. Symbolic, yes ūüôā

7. Lavaux terraced vineyards

Montreux , Vevey , Canton of Vaud ,  Lake Geneva

Lavaux vineyards Switzerland Lake Geneva - Lavaux terraced vineyards

Picturesque terraced vineyards Lavaux (Lavaux) are located along the shores of Lake Geneva . Framed by medieval stone walls, they stretch for 30 km and are the most famous wine region in Switzerland and an outstanding example of the interaction between nature and people over many centuries. The magnificent views of the Lavaux vineyards and the mountain peaks of Savoy on the horizon inspired not only winemakers to produce great white wines, but also many artists and artists, fascinated by this beauty. The Lavaux vineyards, cultivated since the era of the ancient Romans, are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.. It is especially beautiful here in autumn, in late September Рearly October, when the local vineyards turn golden and the air is especially clear. Just in time for the new wine season!

8. Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke)

Lucerne , Canton of Lucerne


Built in 1333 and badly damaged by fire in 1993, the Lucerne Chapel Bridge (Kapellbr√ľcke) was rebuilt almost immediately to maintain its status as the oldest wooden bridge in Europe.¬†The 204-meter bridge connects the two banks of the Reuss River, curving around a 43-meter stone tower, which was once a prison and treasury.¬†Pay attention to the medieval paintings under the triangular roof of the bridge.¬†Don’t confuse the Kapellbr√ľcke with the Spreuerbr√ľcke Bridge, less famous but no less impressive and authentic (only a little younger and not as lavishly adorned with geraniums, but no less noteworthy).

9. Rhaetian Railway

Bernina Express¬†,¬†Canton of Graub√ľnden

Bernina Express

The Albula and Bernina railway tracks pass through impressive landscapes, through dozens of tunnels, galleries, viaducts and bridges. Departing from the cities of  Chur , St-Moritz or Davos . you will go on an exciting journey on the  Bernina Express , driving past the Piz Bernina glaciers, to the highest railway pass, Bernina Pass. and further up to Tirano in Italy. In 2008, this route was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an outstanding example of an engineering marvel and a particularly environmentally friendly route that made it possible to overcome the isolation of alpine settlements through rail links.

On the way, even on a regular train, and not just on the panoramic “Bernina Express”, there will be comments in German and English about the route and the features of this path.¬†If you drive from¬†Hur¬†to¬†St. Moritz , sit on the right side: this is where the impressive viaduct between Thusis and Tiefencastel stations, which is in the photo above, will be.

10. Mount Pilatus

Lucerne ,  Mount Pilatus

Lucerne, Mount Pilatus - Pilatus Kulm Switzerland Luzern

Covered in legends, Mount Pilatus has long remained forbidden to local residents.¬†According to legend, the body of Pontius Pilate was finally buried in a lake on Mount Pilatus.¬†In fact, the name of the mountain comes from the Latin word¬†¬†pilleatus¬†(“in a felt hat” – a hat of clouds around the top of the mountain was meant).¬†According to legend, dragons lived here (this characteristic jagged silhouette of Pilatus can be seen in Lucerne, behind Kappelbr√ľck – it resembles the profile of a sleeping dragon in appearance).

The steepest railway in the world leads from Alpnachstadt to the top of Mount Pilatus. To prevent the wheels from slipping, it is equipped with a special mechanism Рgear wheels roll along a toothed rail and pull the train up. However, the road is closed in winter. Then you can climb Pilatus from the suburb of Lucerne Рthe town of Kriens. In summer, you can take a boat to Alpnachstadt, climb to the top and go down by cable car to Kriens, from where you can get back to Lucerne by bus Рthis is the so-called Golden Route from Lucerne to Pilatus.

11. Benedictine monastery of St. John

M√ľstair,¬†Canton of Graub√ľnden


In the rural M√ľstair Valley, very close to the border with Italy, there is an even more idyllic village of the same name, which is rarely visit by tourists. The last building you’ll see here before reaching Italy is the Carolingian monastery and adjacent church, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. And no wonder. According to legend, the monastery was founded by Charlemagne, and the monastery itself and its church are a magnificent series of Romanesque frescoes and stuccoes. The Benedictine monastery is still active today, and so is it, along with the adjacent cemetery. maintains a mystical atmosphere that is sure to impress you.

12. Rhine Falls

Schaffhausen , Canton of Schaffhausen and Canton of Zurich ,  Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls - Rheinfall

Don’t expect a Niagara-style waterfall, but you’ll feel the moment was worth it as you feel the spray of the waterfall against your skin as you admire the series of rainbows through the cloud of spray. Impressive in its latitude (150 m) and very modest in height (only 23 m), the Rhine Falls is considered the largest in Europe in terms of water volume and one of the main attractions of northern Switzerland. The best view of the Rhine Falls opens from the turret of the Schloss Laufen castle, from the observation deck hanging directly above the falls. The best adventure will be a trip to the central rock sticking out right in the middle of the waterfall!

13. Castles and fortifications of Bellinzona

Bellinzona , Canton of Ticino

In the cradle of the Ticino Valley, bordered by the Alps, nestles the majestic city of Bellinzona , whose history is reflect on the walls of the medieval architectural ensemble, which is under the protection of UNESCO . The three castles of Bellinzona – Castelgrande , Montebello and Sasso Corbaro – and the fortress walls of the city were erected by the Dukes of Milan and were supposed to serve as protection against the troops of the Swiss Confederation during their aggressive campaign to seize the southern territories of the St.

Gotthard Pass . An attempt to defend the territory was unsuccessful, and Bellinzona was subordinated to Switzerland for 3 centuries, until 1803, when the canton of Ticinobecame independent. Now the city’s fortifications have become the main attraction of Bellinzona, also serving as an arena for numerous cultural events, among which are Rabadan (February carnival) and “Piazza Blues” (an open-air blues festival with big names of performers).

14. Art Museum in Basel


Kunstmuseum Basel

Names such as Monet, Cezanne, Picasso and Chagall made this museum famous, and the incredible historical scope of its collection made it even more famous.¬†With one of the world’s largest collections of the Holbein family and exhibits dating as far back as the 15th century, the Kunstmuseum Basel is a must-see for art lovers.¬†Focusing specifically on currents such as Cubism, German Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, it has earned worldwide recognition as one of the most representative museums of its kind.


15. Geneva Old Town


Geneva long

It may be the world’s center of diplomacy and international cooperation, but it is certainly not without its own special character. Walk along the winding Rue St-L√©ger straight into picturesque La Vieille Ville, Geneva’s Old Town, immersing yourself in a medieval atmosphere, with narrow cobbled streets lined with tiny cafes spilling onto the sidewalks. Sit on the world’s longest wooden bench (126 m) at the Promenade de la Treille, admire the works of Pissarro, Cezanne, Renoir and Modigliani at the Mus√©e d’Art and d’Histoire, find the birthplace of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (40 Grand-Rue ), and see if you like the hodgepodge of architectural styles that make St. Peter. Either way, you will surely be captivat by the undeniable charm of La Vieille Ville.

16. Via Mala Gorge

Canton of Graub√ľnden

Just a stone’s throw from the town of Theusis, this six-kilometer gorge extends to a depth of 500 m between perfectly vertical cliffs overlooking the Hinterrhein River. The gorge alternately widens and narrows, in some places reaching a width of less than 1 m, which creates a dramatic effect of re-opening. You can descend the 321 steps down to the bottom of the gorge, passing an old bridge dating back to 1739 and a series of fantastic curved potholes along the way. A marked educational route through this grandiose natural monument of a natural monument can be started from the towns of Tuzis or Zillis. Just remember that Via Mala translates as Devil’s Road…

17. Lindenhof Hill


Zurich Lindenhof

Considered a European banking hub and a soulless financial machine (the latter rather undeservedly), Zurich boasts its own peaceful oasis. Lindenhof Hill , part of the Old Town, not only bears traces of centuries of history, but also serves as an exceptionally convenient area for citizens for social life and outdoor recreation. Once an ancient Roman customs post and later a royal residence, now Lindenhof is a tranquil, shady square with stone benches and tables, a place to play petanque and chess. And the best view of the Limmat River, the Grossm√ľnstra towers and the roofs of the old city opens from here.

18. Abbey of Saint Gall

St. Gallen

St Gall Abbey - St Gallen Abbey library UNESCO

In the heart of the picturesque town of St. Gallen , located in the east of Switzerland and growing out of a 7th-century hermitage, is the Abbey of St. Gall, a  UNESCO World Heritage Site and a valuable monument of monastic architecture from the Carolingian era. The Abbey Library, with its emblematic Baroque architecture and Rococo decoration, contains one of the richest and most varied medieval collections in the world. And the Cathedral of St. Galla, in addition to its design and intricate decorations, boasts one of the three oldest surviving bells in Europe. According to legend, the bell was brought by Gallus himself during his travels from Ireland in the 7th century.

19. Sardon Tectonic Arena

Location: Canton of Glarus

What made this massive pile of rock come under the protection of UNESCO ? The answer is containe in an area of ‚Äč‚Äč300 square meters. km under the name of the Tectonic Arena of Sardon and in the geological uniqueness of the inverted geological layers of the canton of Glarus. Here you can see an amazing phenomenon where older and deeper rocks were squeeze up, above the newer layers. The three-dimensional interaction of structures and the clear evidence of tectonic mechanisms has had a huge impact on scientific research. It is thanks to the local mountain formations that the current geological picture of the world was form.

20. Lausanne Cathedral



Dominating all of Lausanne like a huge crown on the head of a king, this 13th-century cathedral has long been the spiritual center of the French-speaking. Switzerland and is consider one of the finest Gothic buildings in the country. Indeed, the mixture of Anglo-Norman and northeastern French architectural details. Makes the cathedral one of the most outstanding buildings in the artistic heritage of Europe. Its spacious multicolored interior is actually capable of inspiring faith. But the biggest masterpiece, kept under the vaults of the Cathedral of Lausanne, is a magnificent organ with 7,000 pipes. Whose unsurpassed power and new harmonics invariably win the hearts of listeners. It is one of the most expensive instruments in the world, so the organ itself is a good enough reason to visit Notre Dame de Lausanne.

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