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Top 5 Android Emulators of this Decade

Android games can’t be played straight on our PC. There are no Android apps on our PC. Since these Android games and apps for many platforms have been developed. But we have to run Android software and games on our PC for some time. We need a special tool for running Android applications and games on a PC. The Internet can be used to locate hundreds of Android emulators. However, not all Android emulators are okay for PC. So I wanted to tell you some of the best android emulators on your PC. You can play Android games with either of them on your PC. We move here. We move here.


Windows PC’s Android Simulator Bluestacks is the world’s leading option among more than 130 million citizens. It has too many exclusive characteristics and has captured the hearts of millions. We will use Whatsapp to be in contact with Bluestacks with our mates on the PC. This simulator can be used to send some form of texts, videos, and pictures. It can be found in video games to get the joy of watching the full screen and boost gameplay. This was possible for us to play the most graphic-intensive games on the laptop or desktop with the recent technologies dubbed “Layercake.”

You can easily install Bluestacks and import the programs from your website on Windows OS with one click. If the Internet is tiny, both the split-online installer and the offline installer have been installed. You can browse, pick, and install a great range of games, accessible from the bar at the top of the screen with an excellent interface. More than 1 app can be used on one PC for an Android smartphone at a time. Gamers will play games and accept WhatsApp updates simultaneously. So, Download Bluestacs now!



The second most advanced Android simulator for pc is GenyMotion. It was built on an x86 architecture faster than Bluestacks. After downloading GenyMotion, you have to customize your android computer. Linux and Mac OS can be found in addition to Windows. It emulates and is used to monitor android software and their actions by Android developers. In an optimized Android world, users can create and test their applications. It begins to behave like an android system for its usability. You will carry out your work by using this emulator on your desk.

GPS functionality can be performed by GenyMotion. The GPS widget functions perfectly well on the basis of Google place. A laptop webcam can be transformed into an Android video source. GenyMotion can help to test various resources by using plugins like Android Studio and Eclipse. It can run in multiple browsers effectively. It has certain special characteristics. Texts can also copy and paste into GenyMotion from either PC or Windows desktop. Various applications can enable using the drag and drop or command prompt. This simulator has limited and the user has to mount a virtual box on his machine to use it.


It’s in the top 3 relatives to other PC emulators and has many features in Droid4x Android. It has too many additional features, including UX user-friendly GUI, gaming control, and graphics. The stuff you do on your mobile phone should be easy to do when it is integrated very closely with an android computer. The key feature of this emulator is the incredible gameplay experience, which in recent times has improved screens and faster performance than any other Android emulator. This emulator’s graphics experience is the best.

It allows multi-touching and can monitor a game or app from an Android smartphone at the same time as this. Mobile can be used as a gaming pad and you can still get a great experience of the games on the desktop. The game can control a computer keyboard or joystick. A mouse scroller is used to zoom in or off. This simulator allows players to film the show and share the video with social media. Basically, during play, the streamers use the simulator. For the gaming experience, the simulator can be tailored to any scale.


MEmu is a free PC emulator that provides the ability not only to use Windows desktop or notebook but also for another computer-like tablet to run Android mobile applications. You can run Android on the Windows platform via MEmu without the installation of any other OS. With a single click on one PC, it can mount quickly. You can change different criteria such as memory, root mode, CPU, etc. To enrich the gameplay experience, a controller like claves and joysticks can be mapped using a mapping resolution.

It allows users to execute several tasks and allows users to open many windows. You can watch TV when playing football. The GPS location can use to exchange Android-Windows files. The mode has a multiplayer. MEmu is productive rather than any simulator. For a compact version, one can use MEmu plug and play without other applications installed. You can install the APKs simply with the drag and fall feature, so it is very easy for gamers to use.


Nearly all types of Android apps like productivity apps, launch applications, and gaming applications can be run via Andy Android Emulator. Users can play games and use other applications that have a great experience with this simulator that links smartphone to PC. You can use a launcher and widgets from third parties by using Andy. It’s a great game simulator as it’s a wide window screen among gamers. With the support of this simulator, you can do multi-tasking. The controller and the joystick can use to play games. Andy is the first simulator to provide simple smartphone control features.

Andy requires the user to install any program directly from the desktop browser. It supports ARM and gives users alerts. It also helps the user to use the phone without ever touching it, with seamless synced between desktop and mobiles. Also, it is 100% PC-compatible and allows popular smartphone games for playing on a PC. It has infinite disk space and this storage can use for further storage. It places applications on the screen that uses mostly. To use Andy, users must mount a virtual box, which will not allow users to execute tasks in multiplayer mode.


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