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Top 5 Web Design Trends That Will Blow Out Internet in 2021

 There are multiple growing & emerging web design trends to be seen in 2021 with the traces taken from the last year in terms of inclusive design to immersive experiences. These form the future of web design.

Here, Devaki technologies lists out the top web design trends that are expected to blow out the internet in 2021. It works well with the right web design tools.

Web Design Trend 1

Print Inspired Web Design

The print visuals reach the needs of a viewer as connected to something approached from the real world. The design keeps the audience informed without making your website feel outdated.

Key Points to Consider

Right Typography:  Choose the bigger, bolder headlines and that can be designed faster.

 Style & Design:  A block layout with strong borders can give a website a good look. Designers can easily refer to the layouts used in newspapers and magazines as an inspiration to design on a scale. Generally, web designers explore scale & canvas sizes for the web.

Web Design Trend 2

Get Web Fit with AR

Augmented reality (AR) is used for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies. It provides an immersive user experience to fit any organization or product and as a beneficial web design service.

In this continuing pandemic situation, the sale of a product in-person has laid back hence impacting the sales teams. So, AR helps with data visualization and prototypes.

Advanced use of AR supports customer’s needs.

Web Design Trend 3

Use of the Custom Cursors

Cursors are usually invisible in the field of web design. These are small, personalized touches that help people much hooked to the website and also present a clear understanding of a message, brand, or product.

Key Points to Consider

A few points must be considered while updating cursors. They are-

  1. Make your brand unique with the use of key images or aspects and try to anchor this around the cursor’s design.
  2. Keep it simple and appealing

Purpose of a Cursor

The core purpose of a cursor is to communicate function.

But, make sure to prefer a custom cursor that adds personality and reflects your brand while keeping its functionality intact.

Test your cursor across browsers and include a backup for cases where your cursor isn’t supported.

Web Design Trend 4

Color Code

Even, color hues play a significant role in the website from a design perspective. To communicate to your audience that your website is a modern, flexible organization, it is important to update.

This year, muted colors are trending high in the website color code. It is because they capture the attention of a viewer’s eye to the illustration or focal point of the webpage in a natural manner.

Muted colors reduce eye strain featuring hand-drawn illustrations and grain-accented backgrounds. These are perfect to choose from for a simple and creative web design.

Choose the colors with adequate contrast so that complete text is still readable by the visually impaired.

Web Design Trend 5

No Code Web Design

No code web design seems little abstract in the complete web design services. But in reality, it is not an end to coding a website.

Our team at Devaki has concluded that It implies the building of the web to people of varied backgrounds instead of assigning it to experienced web professionals with complex coding and website design.

In the no-code websites, the design still looks sophisticated and modern. It feels similar to a coded one. As more teams are set to work remotely, it will be wired in 2021 and needs the right approach to fill these changes in schedules and priorities.

As we did not predict how the year 2020 will be, it is difficult to predict even this year in web design trends. Creativity & being user-centric are the major two roles for an effective web design.

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