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Twisted wrap hemp a perfect choice for Cigar lovers?

People have been trying on different twisted wraps to fulfill their desires many products came into the market. People love to try on products for their satisfaction. Are you the one among those? Do you want to change how your session goes? Are you entirely done by how your session taste? Well! Here comes the solution to this boredom, twisted hemp wraps does this for you, made from 100% organic hemp. It will be a perfect choice if you be a blunt lover but do not want your lungs to be affected by tobacco. Twisted wrap hemp will change how you sesh, a perfect product for those who want some change from a traditional tobacco wrap.  Also considered as one of the healthiest wraps to smoke and have become the first choice of smokers now, made from Canadian hemp.


  • Hemp Wrap
  • Tobacco-free
  • Nicotine free
  • Healthy
  • Affordable

It has a perfect aroma rolls perfectly; do not need to use saliva to seal the roll. It

is not split all over the blunt, easy to manage, smells good.

No more same boring sessions!

Well, it is a fact that an addict can never get bored from its addiction. But sometimes they do need a twist or change in it twisted wrap hemp is there for that. You can now enjoy different flavors in every next session every time because the Twisted Hemp wraps come in six different flavors. Yes, you heard right. You can choose the desired flavor. No sesh is the same as the last anymore. It is fun to try a different flavor every single time, comes with a strong sweet aroma. It is exciting for you that this time wraps are not going to taste like strawberry shortcake and, there is something new. Wraps come in different flavors

  • Grape Burst
  • Endless Summer
  • California Dream
  • Plain Jane
  • Sweet
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Blue Banana
  • Blue Raspberry Cherry

Do not uncovered for long.

While explaining all the fun facts about twisted wrap hemp, here comes something important to mention. The moisture applied on wraps is artificial and temporary that does not last for a long time. The wraps tend to lose moisture and get dry out rapidly. According to the evaluation, it might take just two to three minutes to dry and, the moisture is completely gone. So, do use it within a time or while using some humidity controlling device.

Packing and Pricing

Twisted wrap hemp packed as others wraps out there in a releasable pouch and colorful graphics on it. Wraps have moisture and sufficient pliability in the wrap. It is to fold and bend the wrap without any crack on it, contains four wraps in a single packing with a very reasonable price of $ 0.25 per wrap, affordable. So why are you waiting? Get yours if you want to add a flavor to your boring session hour and make it fun.

Does twisted wraps Have CBD?

Wraps are organic dried hemp is an optimal way to get all the benefits of CBD. These wraps are high in CBD, 100 % nicotine, and Tobacco-free products.

Are twisted wraps burn fast?


Lower flame or slow burn time comes naturally in twisted wraps that means you don’t need to worry about fast burning. Fast burning sucks! Too much air flowing through your joints will cause your wraps to burn fast, quickly, and unevenly. Rolling backward your blunt makes your sesh burn slower, an old folktale, but honestly, there is no difference between inside out wrapping and in backward wrapping.



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