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Types of advertisements in Telegram

These days, unlike in previous years, people are aware of the benefits of social networks and have realized that they can be helpful in various fields. Social networks are also good for advertising. As you know, high-impact advertising can be very effective for expanding your business. But if you want to have high-impact ads, you should choose a platform that has a large number of users and audiences. Telegram is one of the most popular messengers and therefore can be one of the best choices. If you want to know the methods of advertising in Telegram and their advantages and obstacles, follow us to the end of this article The Best Methods of Advertising & Marketing in Telegram for 2022.

Advertising methods in Telegram

In Telegram, you can advertise in 3 ways. Advertising on channels, in groups, and in private chats, each of which has its conditions. In the following, we want to explain these items to you so that you can have a good choice for advertisements on Telegram.

Telegram channels: Popular Telegram channels are one of the best advertising options that are done in various ways, which we will introduce in the following methods of advertising in Telegram.

CPM Ads: If you are careful, there is an eye mark below the posts in the Telegram channel, which indicates the number of viewers of that post. In this method of advertising, you pay as much as your visit. In this way:

the amount of budget and expense you have for advertising does not matter at all: it means that you can spend as much money and budget for advertising.

Your expenses are targeted:

In this method, you spend as much as your ad receives, and you do not pay any additional costs.

you can be sure of the cost you pay for advertising:

In this method, there is no fraud and you can see with full confidence how much your ad has received.

CPC ads:

CPC ads are just like CPM ads. The difference is that instead of the number of views, you pay for the number of clicks that are recorded on your post. In this method, you can spend as much as your budget.

Fixed and Hourly ads:

In this type of ad, you pay a fee to publish your ad for a certain period (12 hours or 24 hours) on different channels.

Private chat:

You have probably guessed that this method is more appropriate than the two previous methods we mentioned. Because in this method, your message will be seen 100% and since the purpose of advertising is to be seen, if you choose this method, you can create a good experience of advertising for yourself. People always pay more attention to the message that is sent in their private chat and they will see it. But since Telegram does not allow people to advertise in these messengers, it has considered some restrictions and obstacles for users. In the following, we will explain these obstacles and solutions to overcome them.

Restriction on sending daily messages to strangers:

According to this restriction, you cannot send more than 50 messages to strangers during the day. Strangers are those who have not chatted with you and have not saved your number. If you do not obey this rule, telegram will block your account for a while and you will not be able to send messages to others. This restriction does not apply to acquaintances and you can send as many messages as you want to these people.

You must use multiple lines to send bulk messages to prevent your account from being blocked. For example, if you want to send messages to 500 people in one day, you have to use 10 lines, that is, send 50 messages with each line. But doing this and switching between accounts manually will be very time-consuming and difficult. But if you use the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Package, it will do all these steps for you automatically.

Possibility of being blocked and reported:

This feature is made by Telegram that if someone bothers you, you can block their account or report to Telegram. So, you have to choose an appropriate text for your advertising message. If you receive a lot of reports from your audience, Telegram will become sensitive to your account and block your account.

To get rid of being blocked or reported, you should pay attention to a few points.

Send messages to the appropriate target audience:

If you do not choose your target audience correctly and send your advertising message to someone who does not like that content, they will probably report or block you. Suppose the content of your ad is cosmetics, but if you send such content to men, it will not work.

use appropriate advertising text:

If you choose a good text for the advertising message, you can attract the audience, and, in this case, the audience does not feel that you have bothered them.

Telegram groups:

In Telegram groups, you can get good feedback, because some Telegram groups have a large population. For example, in Telegram supergroups where countless members can be added. But you should also be aware it is possible people do not pay attention to your message. Imagine being a member of a large Telegram group. Do you carefully read all the messages that are exchanged? It does not look like that. However, advertising in telegram groups is not recommended much.

But you can extract these groups member’s IDs or numbers to send a private message to them. This way you can be sure that your advertisement will be seen more.

Extracting a large number of members manually is very time-consuming, difficult, and impossible. To perform this operation at high speed, you must use a tool that can do all these steps for you automatically. Our suggested tool is the Virtual User Extract groups members specifications Bot.

So far, we have explained to you The Best Methods of Advertising & Marketing in Telegram for 2022, its restrictions for advertising, and the solution to get rid of these restrictions, and we said that doing all the steps of sending bulk messages and extracting IDs and phone numbers of Telegram group members manually will take a long time. That is why we have introduced a tool that you can use to do advertising work more easily and at high speed. This tool is the Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Package. If you need to get more information, we recommend that you visit the website “”

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