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Types of Lenses Used in the Compound Microscope

Lenses are the most significant component of any microscope because it is the component that helps to see the specimen with greater magnification to make clear observations. 

When it comes to modern microscopes they use a combination of multiple lenses to get enhanced and widen images with optimum clarity. These lenses are usually made of optical glasses that are clear than regular glasses. 

Compound microscopes are known for their high power of magnification, this power is achieved due to the use of multiple lenses. 

Here we are providing a list of lenses that are used in compound microscopes to increase its magnification power. 

Ocular Lens at the Top 


Ocular lenses are also known as eyepiece lenses. It works in combination with an objective lens to create a clear image. It shows a re-magnified image with clarity. It is positioned on the top. It varies its magnification. One can choose based on their application need. It has a low magnification power of its own so it is designed to work with the support of an objective lens to get better and desired results. 

Objective Lens  


It is the closest lens to the specimen. It is generally placed at the bottom. It gathers the light to see the specimen in an enhanced and magnified form. If we talk about a typical microscope, generally it has four lenses. 

  • Oil immersion lens 
  • One low power lens 
  • One high power lens 
  • One scanning lens 

All these lenses can be used interchangeably the best thing about them is that they don’t lose focus after changing their place or position. The strength of lenses depends on their size, the shorter the lens loser the magnification power would be. 

The objective lens is not only responsible for magnification of specimen but resolving the power of microscopes also depends on them. 

Condenser Lens 


These are the lenses that are placed under the slide and above the light source, it fetches light from the light source and feeds it to the objective lens. The amount of light allowed in needs to be adjusted. Condenser lenses perform well in higher magnification or when using an oil emersion lens. 

Oil Immersion Lens 


They are powerful lenses that are capable of seeing even a bacteria, when it comes to its working oil has been used between the lens and the slide to straighten the path of light as oil has similar light bending capabilities as sliding glass has. Although the lens is too narrow the use of oil enhances its power. This lens increases the resolution of the object. 

Cleaning of Microscope Lens Is Essential


The clarity of an image depends on the lens, no-matter in what environment the instrument is in use; it can collect dust and debris that can impact negatively its performance. So, keeping lenses neat and clean enhances the performance of microscopes. 

Wash your hands before using microscopes and pack the instrument after use. Don’t leave them open and uncovered because it can increase the chances of appearing of dust on the instrument which can harm image quality. 

Overall, microscopes are a powerful instrument and work where the human eye can’t work. If you are looking forward to Buy educational microscope, feel free to contacts us.   

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