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Unique cake flavors to try for your celebrations

Cake has become an integral part of celebration now. Whether it’s an office party, engagement ceremony, get together, no celebration is complete without a decadent cake. Midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad gets cake delivered at your doorstep any time.

These days the bakeries are making sure they come up with new flavors or combinations of food elements to give them the edge in serving various options to their customers. The customers are also ready to experiment and try new flavors and combinations now. Many bakeries are now making cakes from different parts of the world, which were never made in a local cake shop in India. This is great news for the well-traveled Indian who has had a taste of these recipes while exploring those countries.

Below is the list of new cakes to try for any celebration.

Raspberry Cake:

With the winter season in full swing, a customer must try fresh fruits and berry cakes. Made with the best cream Fraiche and seasonal fruit, this one is perfect for non-chocolate lovers.

Almond Chocolate Cake:

A rich, decadent chocolate cake is a favorite of all; with some nuts like almonds and hazelnut, we have a crowd puller. This cake is best for a large office party or family gets together as everyone loves chocolate.

Chocolate Apple cake:

This cake is perfect for people who do not like cakes with frosting and fondants. Not so sweet, yet delivering the tempting kick of chocolate with some sweet and sour apples, it is the perfect afternoon snack with some hot beverage.

Indian mithai cakes:

This is one cake that gives a dual pleasure: a soft vanilla sponge cake and the toppings and frosting of our traditional Indian mithai. The customer can choose from gulab jamun, motichur ladoo, ras malai, or everyone’s favorite meetha pan. There are many flavors to choose from for a midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad.

Tres Leche cake:

This cake is a traditional cake from Mexico, made by soaking the cake in three types of milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. A perfect after-meal dessert. This cake is loved by all who love sweet and moist cake.


This coffee-flavored Italian dessert is a favorite of all coffee lovers. A rich, layered cake with a touch of cocoa and mascarpone cheese, it will surely win hearts at any party. This dessert is a must-try international flavor for all.


Cheesecakes are the most versatile cake, but it’s a tricky one. Cheesecakes come in two variants: baked and non-baked, and a cheese lover will surely get a food coma with a well-made cheesecake. These cheesecakes are made with chocolate or sweet and sour fresh fruits. It is the best dessert for a small and intimate gathering.


Slowly catching a fancy, these cakes are without any frosting or cream on top. They have a spiced, nutty flavor inside. These cakes are served warm with afternoon tea and are less sweet—a perfect cake for all who want to enjoy cake but not the added calories or cream.

These are some of the best new cakes the bakeries are making on order. Their popularity is slowly rising as customers are ready to experiment more and more.


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