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Unique Places To Visit In Mexico

Are you looking for a beautiful country to take your family to this holiday season? Have you been craving to try some of the best cuisines across the globe? Do you also crave a week away from the regular hustle and bustle of life? 

Well, if yes, then this is the perfect place for you. Pack your bags already, put on your hat and sunglasses, and fly out to Mexico with Hawaiian Airlines Booking and explore the country to its best. 

The country has everything for each kind of visitor. The welcoming locals, beautiful beaches, ancient and modern cities, jaw-dropping backdrop, and scenic beauty that your heart will hold onto forever. From the very famous Mexico City to Cozumel Island, you can spend time on everything you wish on vacation. 

Here, we have prepared a perfect list of places to explore when you land in Mexico. Let’s take a short trip and then, without wasting much time, take this trip together. 

  • Playa del Carmen

Craving for a nice cup of hot cocoa? Want to hit some bars in the country? Playa del Carmen is the place for you. Also known as Playa by the locals, it is more than just a beach vacation. It is beautiful, adventurous, and the best place to spend an evening. Lie by the shore, soak in the sun and sip onto a cocktail. Or, if you are adventurous, dip into the waters and explore your inner soul. Stay at one of the most exquisite resorts at the Playa and enjoy the ocean views from your window. And as the sun hits the ground, dance your heart out at the nightclubs where the party goes on till the next morning. 

  • Tulum

Another beautiful beach location for the beach lover inside you is the Tulum. Sparkling sand, clear sky, and tortoise water waves hitting the rocks by the shore will take your breath away. This place is actually a collection of some of the most beautiful beaches in the city. You can either party with the best crowd or spend a peaceful day at the smaller, calmer ones. Don’t miss out on the various cenotes that will leave you in a feeling of awe. Enjoy the water sports here and make memories with your loved ones and capture these moments with amazing backdrops.

  • Cozumel Island

When in Playa, head to Cozumel Island for a quieter, peaceful day out. Located in very close proximity to the Playa, this little Island is another gorgeous tourist attraction in Mexico. This place is especially famous for its scuba diving spots. The water in the ocean is crystal clear, the sand is sugary, and the views are OMG! Dive into the water and get a closer look at the wide range of marine species here. In the neighborhood, you can also explore various natural parks and deserted beaches where you can plan a perfect day out with your family and friends. We assure you, you will not regret it. 

  • Izamal

One of the most visited cities in Southern Mexico, Izamal has a different charm to it. Ask the locals about the city, and they will mention it by their loved nickname, Ciudad Amarilla or the Yellow City. The reason behind this name is because everywhere you will look around in Izamal is yellow. The buildings, cafe, and every other bench are painted in a beautiful shade of yellow. Also, take a tour of the Mayan ruins located in the heart of the city. This is where you will get the feel of the aesthetic, ancient Mexico. 

  • Guadalajara

People who love to be a part of a country’s history must definitely visit Guadalajara. With many museums and the stories they tell, cultural places in their original form, and much more, this comes second to the largest cities in Mexico. Guadalajara has kept the history of the country safe in its heart. Also, the city is famous for the best tequila and mariachi in the country. So, end your day by satisfying your taste buds at one of the many bars the city has. 

  • Mérida

Mérida is more about the royalty of Mexico. The huge, sky-high mansion in the city is what makes it the most fantastic and breath-taking city in Mexico. This city is not just about what it has to offer, but also about the neighborhood. The ancient Mayan ruins are just a small ride away. One can also explore the history of the place at the museums, take a glimpse at the local talent at some of the art galleries, and plan a staycation at the royal hotels with the best services and most comfortable stays. Do not miss out on the most visited highlight in the city, El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Mérida, which captures the history of Mexico in the truest self. 

  • Mexico City

How can we not mention the heart of the country, Mexico City, when we are talking about Mexico. Unlike the initial days of the city, it has not been turned upside down. With the amazing brand stores lined up across the main street, sky-touching buildings, cozy cafes, and huge restaurants serving the best Mexican food, this city is itself a short vacation. If you are a big-time foodie and want to get a taste of the most delicious Mexican dishes, the city is heaven for you. Along with that, you can also spend your day in the museums with thousands of documents, art, and artifacts for travelers to explore and know the real war stories the country has fought. 

  • Oaxaca

To get a real view of Mexican culture, Oaxaca is the place for you. This city set the perfect example of what Mexico is about. It’s not just in the architecture or set-up, but the people, the markets, the festival, everything will take you to a whole new vibe. Along with that, the city has the best backdrop, including the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range. The most visited tourist spot here is the 16th century Templo de Santo Domingo church, which, earlier in the days, was used as a military barrack. 

Mexico has everything. From the tastiest dishes to the gorgeous backdrops, beaches, to ancient cities, there is no end to it. Book your Volaris Flight Tickets already before we go ahead with the list and bore you more, and explore this jaw-dropping destination yourself. 

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