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Video Marketing Trends For 2023

Video marketing is booming and this is mainly due to the   fact that more and more users prefer video content to other formats, especially after the pandemic. This is basically because through this format a large amount of information can be transmitted and obtained in a short time, in addition to being presented in a much more attractive and striking way. All this, however, means that brands that want to stand out from the competition through this type of content have to know the trends in video marketing 2023 very well.

Top Video Marketing Trends For 2023

In order to carry out a successful video marketing strategy, these are the 2023 video marketing trends that should be taken into account:

The Importance of Video Marketing in the Sales Funnel

Video content has become a very useful tool to reach the target audience, even those who still do not know the brand or have not interacted with it. In addition, it has been possible to see how around 80% of buyers decided to buy after watching a video of the brand. This means that this type of format is becoming an essential part of achieving conversion and accompanying the client in the process.

One of the main reasons why video has become such an important format for companies is that its consumption has increased, especially during and after the lockdown due to the pandemic. This has caused many consumers to search online for information about the product before making the purchase, information that they prefer in video rather than in other types of formats. And this is mainly due to the fact that in video you can obtain a greater amount of data in less time, in addition to the fact that it is much more enjoyable if it is presented in an attractive and striking way.

Educational Content

Videos have become one of the best tools for transmitting knowledge. In fact, through this format it is much easier to teach, since auditory and visual elements can be used, which facilitates learning.

One of the video marketing trends for 2023 is to offer conferences,  tutorials and other audiovisual teaching materials  to give users the necessary knowledge to understand and learn about the product or service offered by the company. That although this may seem useful only for those people who have already paid for the company’s product or service, it is also useful for  attracting potential customers in a much more effective way than advertising would be .

The idea, then, is not to overload the public with advertising, which can be annoying and invasive for the user, as well as uninteresting.

Taking all of the above into account, brands will prefer to invest in quality content and whose objective is, in addition to offering information to the public, gain visibility, make themselves known and become a benchmark within the sector.

Short Form Videos

Although the video format is booming, the attention span of the public is increasingly shorter. This means that short-form videos, which do not exceed two minutes in length, tend to have a higher number of views than long ones, a time that is reduced to a few seconds when it is advertising. And this is mainly due to the fact that social networks such as TikTok and Instagram have quickly accustomed the public.

Those brands that want to grow throughout 2023 through a video marketing strategy should, then, reduce the duration of the videos as much as possible and provide the information in a brief and direct way.

Videos without Sound and With Transcription for Social Networks

Many users view videos on social networks without sound, so they could miss an important part of the content if there is no transcript. This is much more common when using mobile devices in a public place, which is why subtitles have become a must.

Any brand that is thinking of carrying out a video marketing strategy on social networks should take this into account and  add subtitles to the videos so that users do not lose information if they decide to watch it without sound . Also, some social networks like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have the audio transcription feature, so before posting only a review would be necessary. Also Check Descargar Videos de Facebook

To all this we must add that the subtitles in the videos allow them to gain visibility in the search engines because through the words they are able to extract more information and understand it, which allows them to offer it as a search result.

Accessible Content with Subtitled Videos

As we have mentioned in the previous point, posting subtitled videos, especially on social networks, is a way of making sure that the information will reach the user even if he decides to watch it without sound.

Currently, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Banner and other social networks and platforms have AI-enabled tools capable of transcribing sound from videos. Making use of it is very simple, since the transcription is generated automatically, although a review will be necessary.

In addition to helping in the positioning of the video, since search engines will have more information about it through the words, it is a way of making content inclusive and accessible to all.

SEO Optimization of Videos

All content must be optimized for search engine ranking, including videos.

Search engines have gotten smarter and more capable of understanding what’s in a video, but it’s still important to include video file names, titles, and descriptions that contain the keyword. You can also include relevant tags, where in addition to the main keyword there are keywords related to the video. In addition to subtitles or transcripts, which, as we have already mentioned in previous points, is a form of SEO optimization.

Another action that can help in positioning is the creation of original thumbnail images.

To all this, one of the trends in video marketing for 2023, and taking into account that video viewing is continuously growing, is to design a good video SEO strategy. This is because there are more and more brands that are betting on it, so positioning becomes more complicated if it is not accompanied by good SEO work. So video content should be treated like you would treat written content on a website or blog.

Interactive Videos

Users expect brands to use new technologies to create unique experiences through augmented and virtual reality. So one of the video marketing trends for 2023 is to offer interactive videos.

Creating this type of video is much easier than it seems if the appropriate technologies are used and offer the user a much more personal and impressive experience. In fact, there are already brands that have used them and have obtained very good results.

The only thing to keep in mind is that both augmented reality and virtual reality are developing technologies. This means that not all brands have the resources to apply it to their video marketing strategies.

Videos on LinkedIn for B2B

LinkedIn is a social network aimed at professional use and currently has more than 720 million users. Although a priori it is considered a platform to look for work or establish contacts and to share technical documents, there are brands that use it to reach potential professionals and clients. The latter is due to the fact that some time ago this social media announced that it would implement B2B video marketing.

A video marketing strategy on LinkedIn should be treated differently than it would be on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, but it can become a very interesting tool when the goal is to attract the attention of professionals within the sector.

Sales Incorporated In Lives or Direct

Social networks have become one of the most powerful tools for brands, since they allow them to reach consumers and interact with them in a much more personal way compared to traditional media and channels. However, the publication of content in any of its formats may not be enough to stand out, especially now that any brand has a presence within social media, so including direct on a regular basis can be the key.

It has been detected that the algorithms prioritize live broadcasts and that for the public it is a format that is very attractive, since they consider it much more authentic and real.

Taking advantage of this type of format, direct sales are incorporated as a trend in video marketing 2023. It consists of going live to show the company’s products and sell them, since the public can reserve them during the transmission and make the payment at the end of it.

Facebook and Instagram currently have this feature, which is expected to be available to all types of businesses regardless of their size.

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