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Want to Ensure Packed Goods Safety Using the Poly Mailers?

For online businesses and organizations, it is of utmost importance to find the best packing solutions. Apart from effective and reliable packaging solutions, it is also necessary for these to be affordable. There are cardboard boxes in the market for online websites to send their goods. However, the use of polyethylene mailers can be a good alternative for these e-commerce websites. In short, we can say that poly mailers are good packing materials for digital businesses that need to send clothes, bags, and any other non-breakable items. These are very easy to use and resistant to weather. They are an excellent substitute for cardboard boxes. In today’s article, we will look at the smallest details of what these poly mailers are and how they can be used.

What are the Poly Mailers?

As the name suggests, poly mailers are made up of polyethylene. It is a synthetic and light resin that has been used in almost every other plastic item. From shopping bags to food wraps, almost every other plastic product contains the resin polyethylene. There are different types of poly mailers available in the market, and some of them we have mentioned below.

  • Bubble-lined poly mailers are wrapped around the fragile items that do not need to be placed in a cardboard box. These are lined with bubble wrap on inside to ensure proper protection and safety to the goods packed.
  • The layflat poly mailers are the ones that almost every e-commerce business has been using these days. These are flat bags that can hold many items in them with the company’s logo and information on it.
  • You can also prefer choosing recyclable poly mailers. These play a huge role in reducing the carbon footprint.

Why Choose the Poly Mailers for Shipping?

Well, there are innumerable reasons why one can choose these polyethylene mailers for shipping their products. However, we have tried talking about a few of them to make things clearer to you.

  • Easy Storage

Unlike the cardboard boxes, the poly mailers are very easy to store. You can just put the products inside them and then pack them properly using the glue. Keep these on another in your warehouse. They do not need much time to be assembled properly.

  • Cost-Effective Packing Option

The fact that these poly mailers are an affordable option is known to all of us. Lately, the shipping companies have introduced dimensional weight, which will increase the shipping cost. It is very low when talking about the mailers, but can cost you a lot, in the case of the cardboard boxes. Other than this, it is also affordable for your users. For instance, if the customer is not happy with the product, they can simply put it back in the mailer and seal it to send it back to you. It will also enhance the chances of them to exchange the products and will create your brand awareness.

  • Durable Designing

The best thing about buying the mailers is that they provide 100% protection to the contents packed in them. Being manufactured with the help of water-proof material, poly mailers ensure safety like no other paper envelope. When talking about the wear and tear, we must tell you that it does not get impacted due to dirt or dust. Hence, by using these polyethylene mailers, we can say that your company will save a lot of money, as no product will be damaged in delivery.

  • Can be Customized

If you are a reputed e-commerce business, then you will be happy knowing that you can customize these mailers. It can be done by getting the logo and company name printed on it as per your color choice. Getting hands-on with a customized poly mailer to send your products to the customer can help you create brand awareness.

Stream Peak is here at your fingertips to provide you with the best quality mailers along with desiccant silica gel for secure packaging. You can now head on to our website and order the much-needed packaging material for your business. We hope that the items that we have added on board will be sufficient to accomplish your needs.

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