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What are Chobi Rugs | Chobi Carpet Anatomy and Their Features

Chobi are the rugs that require a great deal of work, especially physical and manual efforts among all the carpets. Chobi rugs are among the most needed and most well-known carpets in the western world, particularly in the American area. It was initially evolved in Turkey under the idea of Ziegler floor covers. The arrangement and weave of chobi get acclaimed wherever on the world and consequently all significant floors covering producers of Pakistan step forward and started making these rugs.

What do Chobi Rugs Mean?

Chobi is a Persian word that means wood. Mostly, this wood is timbered. Chobi means “wood” and rugs mean “carpet”.  Chobi rugs is a line design containing botanical themes and have a focal field additionally also containing a bigger flower design.

Composition of Chobi Rugs

Chobi is, in general, having a huge geometrical floral pattern. They are all hand-knotted\ hand-hitched with hand-spun wool greatly turned by a drop spindle. It has natural colors that are produced using a different combination like tree bark, nutshells, fruits kin fried blossom, and vegetable skins. These efforts one made to make a form of choice in all carpets. This natural method of dying done because to make it fade-proof and long-lasting. There are usually three to five different colors used on the rug. For Tradition Rugs click here.

Quick count: approximately 1000 knots per square inch.

Reposition: 100% hand-spun wool on a cotton wrap

Knot type: Senna

Partition: Time for 9’*12hand-spun14 workers

What are the Main Characteristics of Chobi Rugs?

Chobi rugs are handmade rugs which are made totally mean of a natural process. It has the following vital properties;

Labor Intensive:

These rugs require a lot of efforts when hand-knotted and hitched with handspun wool.  Labor put their best physically as well as mentally because they wanted to make this rug the most imperative in the world. Due to their efforts, its value has increased in the American continent.

Best in Class Material:

By natural means wool, cotton and silk materials are extracted from the wood, which is used during the weaving process. Just because of this hard work. It takes almost greater than one year to complete one customary rug. His production time shows the uniqueness of this carpet.

Mean of Monetary Development:

Around all over the world, its production is started due to the one important reason that is the development of the economy. Different companies in Pakistan started making these rugs to support their whole business financially.

Easy To Maintaining And Comfortable:

Its unique composition made this comfortable. They are soft and easy to place on the floor. Furthermore, its maintenance is much cheaper than other rugs. Regular washing prevents these rugs from defects.

Final words:

With everything considered, Chobi house stylish layout carpet is intended to beauty and occupy the space of your home in a particular manner. You can get some astonishing floor covering from homediart and that also, at wonderful costs. Just Visit the online best Chobi Carpet Homediart store and select your best chobi rugs.

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