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What Are the Employment Directions After Getting the CCNP Certification?

All IT departments of the company need network engineers to help the company design and build computer information systems; all IT users with computer information systems need network engineers to be responsible for operation and maintenance; according to the employment data statistics of IT certification examination resource network in the past 10 years, it shows that network engineers have more employment opportunities than software engineers. If you want to go to work after you get CCNP, which means that you study while work, I advise you to learn CCIE before you go to work. Because now CCNP is worthless, top enterprises want CCIE. But if you can only know the network, small enterprises are to save labor costs. Consequently, small businesses would rather have talents, who know both the Internet and others to reduce manpower and save money. If you are lucky enough to enter a small business, it is also for you to do chores.

What experience can you really accumulate?

When CCIE holders came out and entered a foreign or state-owned enterprise, the director saw his potential and also let him learn to participate in some projects. What do you think is the gap between you two after a year? It’s not a matter of salary. The development gap between you two in the later stage will only widen. I suggest you take CCIE certification first before working. The junior college education has no academic advantage. Fortunately, IT values technology and experience. You can only win by technology if you have no experience. If you learn CCIE, it is suggested that you go to a more formal institution to learn. After all, a good platform is a good medium for you to learn successfully. Agents will let you come into contact with some equipment, integrator and large enterprises or foreign enterprises, they will let you do chores.

You should consider your career plan first. What do you want to do? To know the direction and career you are most likely to be involved in. Then compare the specific professional requirements of the position, and you will naturally know whether if you want CCNP certification. The more important thing for CCNP is to improve, evaluate and increase self-confidence in their own profession, and put the certification value of the certificate in the second place.

The employer is not a fool (most of them are not). The certificate is a stepping stone, which just gives you more interview and written examination opportunities. If your actual ability is to meet the requirements of CCNP, the salary will not be low! Otherwise, that certification is just a piece of paper for you!

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