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Graphic Designing

What are the infographic design tools and programs used in infographic design?

A tool designed Infographic

Infographic designs exploded in our world more than ten years ago. It became an essential element in various areas of life. Whether in the classroom or workplace, even on the Internet, the infographic definition came according to data.

And suppose we want to be more precise and clear in explaining this art. In that case, the infographic must be defined as a set of pictures, charts, and resonant phrases, giving a general overview regarding a topic. Perhaps the most characteristic of this method is its simplicity. Ease of mixing with attractive creative approaches, so the design methods went beyond, and the tools used in making it, and in our article, we will see the essential tools used in designing infographics.


Software used in infographic design

Many programs can be employed in making professional designs from infographics, which differ among themselves in the features they provide and the ease of working on them. Among these programs, we mention the following:

PowerPoint: PowerPoint is one of the easiest programs to use in infographic designs, as it has many libraries that provide the ability to create various shapes capable of converting information into easily adjustable visual forms, in addition to having the ability to mix attractive colors with harmonious shapes, and most Designers are junior to this program because of its ease of learning, and many explanations about it are available on the Internet.

And the excel program: this program can be used in infographic designs, including statistics and graphs, as it has many methods related to displaying numbers and ratios.

Photoshop: It is one of the programs provided by (Adope) company. It offers many possibilities for making professional infographic designs. It has full control overviews, arrangement, and visual image modification through its wide range of tools, often inclined to it. Professional designers and many courses are available explaining how to use it and deal with its devices.

ILLustrator: It is one of the programs that can be relied upon in building highly professional creative designs, as it provides the ability to control shapes and accuracy while providing the characteristics of mixing colors, drag, and drop, and it can enhance the design with realistic images, but it requires precision and experience in work, it is worth noting It contains many ready-made templates that can be used in many fields.


Online infographic making tools

There are a lot of options for ethnographic designers in the world of the Internet, whether free or paid tools, and among these tools, we mention the following:

Adobe Express:  Adobe Express makes it easy to get started with tons of professionally designed templates and assets for social media content, logos, and more.

Adobe Spark: is one of the free tools used in the graphic industry that is most suitable for medium social networking. And it has more than 10 thousand ready-made templates that can be used and modified through additional backgrounds, pictures, changing texts, and entering symbols, including logos and signs.

Snappa: Snappa is a free tool that has a high – level review of quality and is characterized by ultra-easy to use, with the presence of ready-made templates and offices containing a set of high-resolution images, amounting to about 4 million images, this tool allows the feature to remove backgrounds, and add special effects to texts and graphics.

DesignCap: DesignCap is an easy-to-use tool that has a bunch of free templates. In addition to many of the premium templates, it offers the ability to add icons, stocks, charts, and images in (png-jpg) high Resolution.

MURAL: It is one of the paid tools that are used to create attractive, interactive infographic designs. If you need to share data in visual ways, this tool is suitable for your design.

Visme: This month’s free and wide-angle tool for making presentations, but it is targeted Especially for graphic designs. This tool includes more than 100 font types, and millions of free images, thousands of high-quality icons, as well as options to add video and audio. It includes the possibility of recording direct. This tool is characterized by the ability to create an infographic design within a few minutes. It contains pre-made templates, letting users with less experience design their interactive infographics.

And many other tools will provide a lot of benefit in the design world. Still, the major ones are competing to find new tools and develop old tools by creating more practical features and capabilities.

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