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What are the Simplest Etiquettes to Deal with Mutual Conflicts in Relationships?

The human being is miraculous creation of Allah (SWT). Have you ever noticed that despite of being belonging to the same species or human genre, we are utterly different from one another? Even the two siblings, two parents and two spouses in a same house have different stances, thoughts and ways of life.  You know the beauty of living lies in this individual difference indeed.

The truest essence of a true bonding and friendship is to live up with the conflicts and differences of opinions. It doesnÔÇÖt matter what your own habits, plans and opinions are. But the most inevitably important thing is how you deal with your fellows having difference of opinions and suggestions.

This is what I learnt throughout my life. I hang out with my friends and fellas sit and dine with them. I celebrate and spend a quality time with my loved ones. I even have a memorable spiritual time with my loved ones through special Umrah Packages. But what I believe is that it is not easy to maintain a strong, healthy and contented relationship even with your intimate fellows having difference in opinions and thoughts.

I have seen many relationships and ties broken because of conflicts and disagreements among the friends and families.  Even I listen to stories of the cats and dogs fights and animosities that have been passing from generations to generations within a same family.  All these quarrels are due to the continuous disagreements and differences of opinions.

Long Term Disconnections Forbidden in Islam

Being a Muslim you must be mindful that the mutual disconnection among your Muslim fellows for more than 3 days is not allowed in Islam. In addition to this, as a Muslim, it is your moral and religious duty to use all the means to process reconciliation between your annoyed or disagreed brothers and sisters.  This is what Allah (SWT) has said in the glorious Holy Quran in the following words

The believers are brothers to one another, therefore, make reconciliation between your brothers and fear Allah, so that you may be shown mercy. (49:10)

So in the light of this iconic fellow friendly direction of Quran, the people must always strive to form healthy relationships with your fellows.  To do this, we have to deal with our conflicts and disagreements in a sensible manner.

5 Etiquettes to Deal with the Mutual thought Conflicts with Your fellows

Here are the things to do to maintain a mutual connection with your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.

Listen with Patience or Silence

In this imperfect world, you donÔÇÖt always find people getting readily agreed to your stances or suggestions. This doesnÔÇÖt imply that you should cut them off from your life. We know that it is not easy to listen to objections or rejections. But you have to keep patience with silence before your fellows. Your sole purpose is to seek AllahÔÇÖs will and his pleasure. But Allah never pleases with fights and conflicts between his followers.┬á So for the sake of AllahÔÇÖs pleasure you must listen to the conflicted opinions of your peers with patience and silence.

DonÔÇÖt Interrupt Your Fellow Speaker

It is also a conservation manner or an inevitable component of a table talk not to interrupt your pals or fellow members while they are speaking.  Interruption creates an unfavorable atmosphere in the conversation and the speaker fails to impart his stances. It is not fair to cut off a person to start up your own point during your conversation. Let your fellow finish his/her statement prior to starting your own.

Apologize, if You Interrupt Your Speaking Fellow

Try not to interrupt your speaking fellow, but apologize at once if you do so. It is the best way to express your objections after the end of your speakerÔÇÖs statement.

Try to Learn from the Opposite Stances

Remember that the disagreements lead to the path of new ways. The different opinions allow each party to view things from a different perspective. ┬áSo even if you disagree, the listening to the different perspectives would foster your mental growths. The aggression, arrogance and animosities with your fellas would lead to ultimate destruction.┬á As the Holy Prophet (SAW) also said ÔÇťdonÔÇÖt differ, for the nations before you differed, so they were destroyedÔÇŁ ( Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Respect the Differences

It is the most important and a mandatory component to maintain a healthy relationship within your personal and professional life.┬á Whether you are dealing with the opposite views of spouse or disagreements of your parents regarding any issue, maintain a sense of respect and understanding.┬á They donÔÇÖt have a same mind as you have. They have not an opinion like you have. So it is your moral mandatory duty to respect the differences of your fellows.

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