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What Danger does Biofilm Pose and How to Overcome it?

The structure of the human body is complex. Multiple things contribute to maintaining a healthier human body. Diseases like allergies, colitis, obesity are some of the most commonly occurring chronic cases around the world. There are instances of patients not responding to medications only due to biofilm.

What is Biofilm?

Often treatment by antibiotics, allergens, and other drugs causes the good bacterias, also known as microbiomes, inside the gastro-intestinal tract to deplete faster.

This results in the pathogenic bacterias growing and forms a matrix that protects themselves from the immune system. It is known as a biofilm. Biofilms are infamous for their resistance to any kind of medicinal treatment. Microbial infections are also the result of these biofilms.

How Do Biofilms Survive?

Biofilms not only contain the bacterias but it also has fibrin, sugar, nucleic acids and minerals. Inside the matrix, these bacterias can even reproduce with ease. This matrix can be formed anywhere in the environment, but inside the human body, it tends to get attached to human organs or implants.

Moreover, the widely used devices in the treatments such as catheters and drains are prone to becoming the perfect shelter for biofilms. When compared to organs, biofilms tend to have a more complex structure aiding biofilm matrix. Furthermore, it is the fast adaptability that helps them to survive and grow.

Dangers Caused by Biofilms

It is important to know about the detrimental effects biofilms have on the human body.

Cause of Common Diseases

Apart from the microbial infections inside the human body, biofilms are the cause of numerous pathogenic diseases. Here are some commonly occurring diseases due to biofilms;

1. Urogenital Infections

Biofilms are one of the major reasons for forming Escherichia coli strains that cause urinary tract infections. Moreover, it has been causing acute prostatitis.

2. Cystic Fibrosis in Lungs

Invading human cell biofilms are often observed to cause the formation of mucoid strains. Ultimately leading to lung infections.

3. Dental Infections

Oral biofilms are the most common reason for dental infections. From gum inflammation to necrosis, the list is long.

The list of diseases caused is long. A study revealed that 65% of hospital-acquired infections are caused by these biofilms.

Decreasing the Longevity of Surgical Implants

Artificial implants are prone to become the fortress of the bacterias to form the biofilm. Whether it is a pacemaker or a joint prosthesis in the knee, the formation of biofilm makes the devices unusable.

Thus, resulting in a prominent replacement of the devices. It is not only expensive, but it has detrimental effects on aged people.

Causing Treatment Failures

Inside the biofilms, these bacterias tend to stay in a hibernation stage that prevents the antibiotics to treat. This phenomenon of ‘tolerance’ makes them immune. Since overdose of these antibiotics can harm the human body, the treatment eventually fails.

Ways to Overcome Health Risks Posed By Biofilms

There are certain ways to successfully treat disease and overcome the vulnerabilities caused by biofilms.

Take Care of Your Guts

Inside the guts, microbiomes help in improving the human immune system. It is known for enriching the right microbes.

Numerous products contain enzymes to break the structure of the matrix by dissolving the fibrin and polysaccharide components. Moreover, the organic acids in them influence the metal components of the biofilm to weaken the structure.

For example, Muco-Solve® by True Healing Naturals is a biofilm defense supplement and is an ideal product to enhance the growth of good bacterias.

Microbiomes require a good environment to grow. It requires a healthy and nutrition-rich diet to prevent the formation of biofilms.

Avoid Taking More Antibiotics

It is hard for a normal person to detect biofilm formation. So, you need professional help. It can help in the detection and stop your antibiotics, as they can be harmful to your other organs. Initiating a mechanism for boosting the immune system is important, and it starts by stopping the antibiotics.

Prevent Hibernation of the Bacterias

Preventing the bacterias or awakening them from hibernation is tough. To activate these bacterias, there is research going on.

Presently the known molecules that help in activating the bacterias are anti-persister molecules. So the antibiotics can kill those activated bacteria.

Usage of Bacteriophages

Bacteriophages are known to harm the bacterias. They can be used in enzymes to treat the biofilms inside the human body as they tend to trigger antibacterial effects. Moreover, it is being used as a treatment for severe bacterial infections.


Even though the research is progressing and inventing new ways to deal with these biofilms, the known methods of using enzymes and gut healing supplements that help in the growth of microbiomes can be used for the prevention of such occurrences.


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