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Graphic Designing

What is Classic Title Design?

Title design is an art by which we give visual effect to the title of the story. Similarly, we use both audio and visual effects in our title designs. Firstly, construct the frame of our plan or idea in different planes. Then we add visual representations to it. Our theme and sound effects must correspond with each other.

Classical title designer uses motion graphics to present the theme, and also use this art in the video marketing and television world. Filmmakers and video makers are also well aware of this art.

History of Classical Title Design

Like all other arts, the art of classic title design also evolved. These title design logos serve as a background frame of the screen. It advanced with the development of Art of Title. In the 1930s, the producers decided to change their title designs.

They chose to show high artwork in their logos for publicity. A long time ago, title design involved the use of cards in film. Now they are shown like a formation of mini video.

A classic title design includes:

  • Studio name
  • Cast of movie
  • Actor names
  • Artwork
  • Project name etc

Who is a Classic title designer?

A classic title designer is a person who designs the movie title. His title design creates the first impact of the project on the audience’s eye.

He describes the motion graphics of the title. Likewise, he also adds animations and sequences in its design. He marked every detail of the title design by matching it with audio effects.

Classic Title Design in Cinematography

We use title designs for many purposes. Although title design is just a picture or a mini clip, it plays a significant role in a project’s success. The title design and typography professionalize our work.

It gives the viewers the concept of the film. The title design depicts the effect of the background material of the film. The quality of the image corresponds to the quality of our title design.

Silent movies of the 1910s

The art of title design showed its significance in silent movies. In these movies, we use no sound. The audience came to know the theme of the film with the description described in the title designs.

They gave the audience the idea of the image. Typewriters write them, and they a photograph is taken. Finally, we add these photographed to the frame of the film.

White on the black description.

In the 1950s, title designers add various blueprints on white on the black frame. These designs were in different contrasts to the focus pattern of the title.

The versatility of designs and patterns.

During the Golden age periods, producers invested a lot of budgets to enhance their films’ glamor. These title designs use various color shadows and geometrical figures. We use various writing styles to intensify the titles. Motion graphics are added further for innovation.


So title design depicts the graphics of the film title. We apply motion graphics techniques to manufacture a title design. It gives us the notion of the theme of the project. I hope this article helps you to find “What is the classic title design?” Keep following our website for more!

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