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What Makes Natural Products Better Than Chemical Products

In a tropical country like India, there is one common problem that people all over the country face on a daily basis, which is insects. To keep insects and mosquitoes away and to keep the home hygienic and smelling fresh, we use various cleaning products in and around the house such as floor cleaners and insect repellents. Normally, these products contain a combination of various chemicals that come in contact through air and skin and we all know just how harmful chemicals are in the long run. While it is always advisable to use as little of these as possible, what if we told you there was a way to completely stop using harmful chemical based cleaning products in your daily life?

By using natural cleaning products you end up protecting not just your home, but your body too. Natural cleaning products do not have chemicals in them, have no long term adverse effects on your health and are also in the same price range as chemical products. They are just as effective when it comes to actually getting rid of all the bacteria and germs in your house but luckily without all the negative side effects. So the next time you get scared out of your wits after seeing a not so welcome lizard in your home, simply reach for a natural lizard spray and get rid of all your worries, along with the lizard. Here are a few more reasons why natural cleaning products are better than chemical ones.

1.     They protect the environment, along with your home

Green cleaning products not only protect your home, they also do their part in protecting the rapidly depleting environment. They do not have the toxins that chemical cleaning products do such as phthalates and sulfates, which are damaging to aquatic life as well as the reproductive health of human beings and animals. Eco friendly cleaning products that are low in volatile organic compounds are recommended by experts, to use in our day to day lives so that the least number of dangerous chemicals are released into the environment.

One of the main reasons why these are better than chemical products is because these natural cleaning products also prevent any long term health damage that can be caused due to chemical poisoning, in humans and animals alike due to their lack of toxins.

2.     Natural cleaning products are not corrosive and preserve furniture

One of the most important things that need to be considered while buying cleaning products is the fact that they will be coming in contact with the furniture very often, maybe even more than once or twice a day. We already know that chemical products are highly corrosive, especially when used for a long period of time, repeatedly on the same surface. This is another bonus that natural cleansers have, they are gentle on the furniture, no matter how often we use them.

Not only do they protect the surfaces like floors, walls, kitchen appliances and wood, they also have beneficial properties that help improve the lifespan of your material possessions, namely furniture. By switching to natural cleaning products from chemical ones, you can ensure that your home is well taken care of and you don’t incur any extra expenses when it comes to repairing damages. Chemical cleaners also tend to leave stains and marks and dull the polish of several things around the house, a problem that does not arise with natural cleaners.

3.     Price Point

You’d think that with natural cleaners you’d have to pay more money as they would seemingly be more expensive but that is not the case. In fact, some natural cleaning products are far cheaper than the chemical ones as they use locally sourced ingredients. Most of the natural cleaners available in the market these days are priced competitively making them highly affordable and an altogether better option than chemical cleaners.

Another great thing about natural cleaning products is that if you make an effort and spare some time, you will be able to make a natural cleaner in your home which is very specific to your needs. All the ingredients that natural cleaning products use are available in the market and can be bought to make the cleaner yourself. Some examples of these are baking soda, vinegar etc.

These are the main reasons why natural cleaners are much better than chemical ones. So switch them out today.

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