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What Mistakes To Avoid While Selecting Best Packers And Movers

Packing and moving is a tedious and challenging task that requires skill, patience, and a lot of time. During the process, there is a good chance for mistakes to creep in and ruin the experience. There are a lot of elements that work together in order to ensure the success of the job of packing and moving. Choosing the best packers and movers in Kolkata requires a careful process of researching and learning to avoid mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people commit while hiring packers and movers.

Falling Into The Trap Of Low Cost:

Clients need to understand that their goods are as precious as much as they are willing to spend on proper packing and moving. On the contrary, most people look for the lowest cost. When it comes to hiring packers and movers and ends up committing a mistake.

Whenever packers and movers with the lowest costs are hired, they tend to skimp on the packing materials, proper safe transportation and go easy on many precautions that should have been taken in the first place. This ends up costing the customer heavily at the end of the day.

Hiring The First Company You Come Across:

Researching is a demanding task. Going through the details of multiple packing and moving companies and comparing them against each other takes a lot of effort and time.

To avoid this, most customers end up hiring the first one they come across in their search. This is an unwise move as these customers will be missing out on a lot of advantages that subsequent searches could have yielded.

Proper research can be done on reputed search platforms that offer a lot of information based upon which decisions can be made wisely.

Not Paying Attention To Paperwork:

Signing documents without going through them is a very basic and common mistake that can cost heavily. The paperwork holds records of responsibilities, liabilities, cost breakdowns, clauses agreed upon, and specifics of the entire operation.

Going through the paperwork and paying attention to each and every line will help discern whether there are any unfair clauses or not. It will also help catch any discrepancies when it comes to the cost breakdown.

There are other advantages as well that helps in the modification of the paperwork to something that both the company and customer can come to terms with.

Moving At The Last Minute:

Last-minute works are always bound to be ill-fated from the beginning. When it comes to packing and moving, leaving everything for the eleventh hour can spell doom on the entire operation.

While it can still be managed if the moving distance is not that great, for example within the same city, when the distances cross state borders, moving at the last minute become impossible to handle. Even with the help of the most competent moving companies, damages are inevitable when moving with haste.

Packing Up Everything, Even The Vital Items:

Vital items like spare clothes, mobile phone chargers, important documents, and so on, often get packed with other belongings. This can become a huge inconvenience while moving. During the process of packing and moving, clothes can get soiled, damaged and unusable.

Not having a spare set of clothes will bring up a predicament. Similarly, not having the required documents at hand after reaching the destination will become a problem. Having to unpack a packed box only to take out one or two things and repacking it will be a big hassle to deal with.

Making The Entire Payment In Advance:

No matter what, no matter the reputation of the packing and moving company, paying in advance should be avoided at all costs. While reputed companies do not perform this practice, asking for the entire payment is a red flag in itself.

Not Taking Packing Materials Seriously:

No matter how reliable your packers and movers can be, the only thing separating your precious belongings from imminent damage is enough bubble wraps and ample cardboard buffering. 

Pay attention to the quality and the method of packaging of your belongings, especially the expensive ones and the fragile ones. Apart from robust and protective packaging, make sure that there is proper labeling.

This ensures that the fragile goods are handled with care during the process of packing and unpacking. Take extra care to load the fragile items securely at the end. This will make sure they can be loaded after everything else and unloaded at the beginning, leaving little room for damage or pressure.

Paying Attention To Transportation:

Most people make the mistake of not inspecting the vehicle that will be carrying their belongings to the destination. Shabby conditions of the vehicle are often responsible for unwanted damages and delays on the road. Accidents can happen due to the incompetence of the driver. A common occurrence during moving is when packing companies pack the belongings of multiple clients together who are going to the same destination. This often results in misplacements and mix-ups.

Overlooking Insurance:

Insurance is frequently seen as an unnecessary added expense that most clients find no sense in investing in. However, in case of any unwanted situation, it is this very insurance that can save huge losses.

Moving insurance covers not only damages but also misplaced items. The mistakes that people make are two-fold. The first fold is when they hire packers and movers who do not offer any insurance policies in the first place.

The second fold is when they choose not to avail the facilities of the moving insurance upon being offered to. Having insurance can save a lot of troubles and bring peace of mind.

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Always use reliable search platforms to look for the best packers and movers in Kolkata. Not only do these websites provide ample information. But they also provide the opportunity to schedule appointments with verified packers and movers. This proves to be a big asset to the search for packers and movers and ensures an overall better experience.


Mistakes are a part and parcel of packing and moving. But learning what they are and avoiding them is the key to the success of the job. Know the most common mistakes and avoid them when the time comes.

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