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What to Look for in 2021: Pinterest Shares Trend Predictions

Pinterest has leveraged its search data to predict the hugest trends of 2021 and marketers should start paying attention. Especially, after the company’s 8 out of ten trend predictions were correct for 2020. And that was in spite of the upheaval caused by the pandemic.

In fact, most of the trends that appeared in 2020 created certain behaviour patterns in society. That in itself will be the shaping mechanism for future trends. The past year was a historic one and will have a lasting influence on mindsets and lifestyle in the coming years. Let us move on now to explore which trends are predicted by Pinterest for this year.


According to Pinterest, more people will prioritize their physical, mental, and spiritual health. New Age wellness practices are going to make a comeback. Alternative methods for healing and enlightenment are more likely to become mainstream. One of the intriguing points was that sleep care will be the new method to promote self-care. People are going to prioritize a full night’s rest and the ways to achieve that.


Travel Trends 2021

The lockdowns of 2020 and the social distancing measures following them kept people homebound most of the year. They are becoming restless and eager to trips for whenever the pandemic is entirely eradicated. Pinterest users are on the lookout for outdoor exploration and search for things like RV camping or best star-gazing locations.

People will also be gravitating towards how to make their care more serviceable and comfortable. As in 2021, both national and local travel will also see a rise. But with the pandemic still lurking in the background, cars will also transform into a “third space”. They will not just be a route to escape but will also become a safe space themselves. They will be used for everything from camping to date night.


Whether out of boredom or necessity, more people turned to cook in 2020 than ever before. They found out that apart from being the means of feeding themselves and their family, cooking can be fun. It can be a pleasurable way to be creative and experiment. Furthermore, if one could not go to a restaurant, then there must be a way to get similar food. Pinterest states that 2021 will find users experimenting with new techniques, cuisines, and flavours in their own kitchens. There will be a rising demand for spicy and intense flavours.


The new meaning of homes that we came to find in 2020 will continue to grow in the future. According to Pinterest, they will continue to double as offices, gyms, movie theatres, schools and more. People will want to define separate areas in their home creatively. Along with customizing to display an aesthetic which reflects their own personality. Japandi is said to the most prominent name when it comes to décor in 2021. Japanese designs are combined with Scandinavian aesthetic in Japandi. The result is muted colour schemes, sleek minimalistic lines, and soothing set-ups.


Fashion Trends 2021

Loungewear already became the preferred fashion mantra of 2020. 2021 will take it one step further and officially blend athleisure with elegance. “Athflow” will be the new term for flowy pants and silky jumpsuits which you can even exercise in.

Thus, Pinterest has predicted that sweatpants and slippers will still be the outfit of choice in the future. But by just throwing on a chic silky layer on top you will get that comfortable but presentable look. The high fashion trends as predicted by Pinterest will be people swaddling themselves in cocoon sweaters. Slouchy socks are also going to see a 55% increase in popularity.


The next raging trend is going to be minimalist skincare. People will trade in complex contouring methods and heavy foundations with better skincare routines. Natural beauty will be preferred instead of a makeup transformation. But at the same, the Generation Z crowd of Pinners will also be turning to indie makeovers. Which include statement styles like popping colours and bold brows.


Parenting Trends 2021

Parenting was given a new meaning by the pandemic. Parents also had to become teachers whether they liked it or not. This urged them to look for sensible and effective approaches towards child education. It was further combined with skills useful for the real world and social, emotional, and moral learning.

These are the foremost trends that were predicted by Pinterest for 2021. Almost all of them are influenced by the new norms created by Covid-19. Remote work and education are the most prominent elements which came to be because of the pandemic. Seeking a job with the economy being turned upside down has become daunting. But reliable assistance can be gained.

Similarly, online education can sometimes lack a direct connection a student has with their teacher. But services such as professional college essay writing help lend a hand in these troubled times. Through them, students can have all the help they need to submit impressive assignments and continue earning top marks.

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