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What Type of Awning Do I Want?

An RV awning is a fantastic addition to anyone’s vehicle, especially during the warmer weather months. You can step outside your RV and relax outdoors, all while avoiding the direct beam of the hot summer sun. Give your sunblock some help in protecting your skin when you need to get out and feel the fresh air on your face. When it comes to awnings, you have quite a few options for what you can set up and enjoy. Take a look at what’s out there and decide what you would like for yourself. Plenty of awnings are fairly priced and easy to assemble yourself, so you can also avoid and extra installation fees. Now let’s see what’s right for you.

Window Awnings
If you aren’t looking for quite the whole shabang of getting a full RV awning, you can still take a look at window awnings alone. They are of course much less expensive and can be fairly easy to install all on your own so you don’t have to worry about getting frustrated and looking up video instructions online. This Carefree window awning is known for being easy to install yourself and weighs just ten pounds, so you won’t be throwing out your back to raise this awning up. A window awning is a simple, but nice feature to have on your RV when sitting by the window to block out some of the sunlight pouring through. You may also enjoy it when you pop your head out for a bit of fresh air. Or to be a nosy neighbor (we won’t judge).

RV/Camper Awnings
As nice as a window awning is, there is nothing quite like getting a full RV awning for your vehicle. If the awning you own now or have your eye set on seems like it might not go far enough to fit your needs, you can go for a canopy style awning, by adding a canopy extender to what you have. It gives you a little more room under the awning away from the RV. Once you set this up, you can throw down a patio mat and get comfortable with all the space you have under the awning right outside of your RV.

Some awnings go even further than a covering over your head. Some like this Carefree RV awning go a step further by including a separate room area with the covering. Awnings like this one provide extra space beside your RV and block off some of the outdoors with material panels to give you a break from any bugs that might come flying by. Awnings with an attached room allow you some more breathing room while protecting you from the rain and gaze of anyone passing through. Of course, if you want a more open space under your awning, you can always pass on the cloth panels. This is about enjoying your free time as much as possible after all.

Let yourself spend a few lazy Sunday afternoons or late summer days outside under your awning. Who’s to say you can’t curl up by the window in shade and read a good book? Who’s to say you can’t set up a picnic outside under the canopy and enjoy the fresh air? It’s your home, so you should enjoy it as much as possible. You don’t have to go too far to enjoy the outdoors. So many options for you open up just by having an RV awning. The fun of summer falls right into your hands when you are able to enjoy it in comfort. Go for the simple window awning or go all out and install a full sized awning to spend more of your days outside. Whatever you choose, enjoy.

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