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Why Are Essential Oils Packed in Glass Bottles?

Product quality is the most significant aspect to create a space for your brand. Producing top-quality products with engaging packaging solutions makes you prominent on store shelves where numerous other producers can also be seen with their products. Here, the customers decide who will remain in the market and who needs improvement. However, first-time manufacturers do not have a reputation because customers have not used their products yet. To engage them with your product, custom bottle boxes can be the best option in the market.

Having information about the packaging is necessary because it is considered a marketing tool now. All products do not work in the same way. That is why companies implement different strategies for different products. For example, CBD packaging boxes can be different from other packaging solutions. The reason is that the marketing strategies for CBD products are developed differently.

In the following post, we will specifically discuss essential oils and glass bottles that the manufacturers use for packing this liquid. With the legalization of CBD products, the demand for essential oils is also high. Therefore, the competition has been increased in the market. To address this issue, the companies need to come up with unique packaging ideas. However, it must be kept in mind that glass bottles are used for essential oils.

Moreover, these bottles come in different sizes, and companies try to use packaging boxes to give a branded look to these products. Generally, 1 oz. bottle boxes, 2 oz. bottle boxes, 10 ml bottle boxes, 20 ml bottle boxes, 30 ml bottle boxes, 40 ml bottle boxes, 60 ml bottle boxes, 80 ml bottle boxes, 100 ml bottle boxes, and many other sizes of custom bottle boxes are used to provide a branded look. However, people have some questions about glass bottles, their importance for essential oils, and the reasons behind them. We are discussing these questions in detail below:

Why Should We Prefer Dropper Bottles For Essential Oils?

Dropper bottles mean that there is a dropper at the top and inserted into the bottle. Additionally, a tamper-evident cap is used to cover this dropper. The reason is that we need essential oils in drops. Sometimes, the quantity that we require can be one to two drops. In some situations, we need five to seven drops. Without a dropper, it becomes difficult to calculate it. Therefore, the essential oil manufacturers use dropper bottles for essential oils. Some companies love using Boston round bottles. These bottles can be useful only when you want more quantity of essential oils.

These bottles are beneficial only when you provide essential oil in large quantities, which can be 200 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, or even more. Interestingly, these bottles come without a dropper. It means that these bottles are used according to the requirement of the users. For example, Boston round bottles are the best for those who use essential oil in large volumes or for commercial purposes. Conversely, dropper bottles are required when the essential oil is required in drops.

What Colors of Bottles Can be the Best For Essential Oils?
10 ml bottle boxes
While talking about glass dropper bottles, mainly five to seven colors can be seen in the market. These are green, flint, cobalt, clear, amber, and cobalt. Amber color is considered the best due to its effectiveness in competing for ultraviolet rays. Other colors suit when you want to keep these bottles in a dark environment. Interestingly, a dark environment is the best to keep the essential oils in their original shape, color, taste, and potency. Therefore, we think that amber color is not required. It is because these bottles remain in the stores or dark environment where there is no tension of ultraviolet rays.

Are Brimful And Nominal Capacities Considered While Buying Glass Bottles?

Mainly, essential oil producers consider glass bottles of nominal capacity. The reason is the commercial requirement of these companies. Generally, 10 ml, 30 ml, 1 ounce, and 2-ounce bottles are preferred in the market. Additionally, the measuring unit in these companies can be ounces, cubic centimeters, and millimeters. Technically, nominal capacity means the inside space of the bottle or container.

Therefore, when we fill it, we find that the oil is at the shoulder of the bottle. However, when someone prefers overflow/ brimful capacity, it means that you want to fill the bottle up to the brim of the bottle. The experts think that this target cannot be achieved convincingly. Furthermore, we want to mention here that these are not the only factors that we need to consider for filling. The space for entering oil into the bottle, accommodating dropper and pipettes, and determining the fill level is also important to consider while filling essential oils in the glass bottles.

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