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Why Aspects of Home Inspection Should Concern Estate Agents?

Home inspections are necessary for buyers and sellers. The inspections may have the power to make or break a realtor deal. So if you are an estate agent then these inspections are of your concerns. Your entire business may get affected by home inspections.

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Role of an agent

In general, the buyer or seller will hire an agent. So he is considered the best mediator between a buyer and a seller. So an estate agent always has an important role play in selling or buying a property. His interests are personal.

An agent is responsible for closing and completing any property deals. If deals do not close, an agent does not earn any profits. As home inspections affect buying and selling, so it affects the agent’s income as well.

Real estate transactions

If the home inspection team is involved, then estate agent transactions may never close easily. This is only true if the property has major issues. An estate agent will be responsible to ensure that neither the buyer nor the seller faces loss on account of property damages or issues.

An agent will always want the home inspection phase to pass out without any issues.

Helps go an extra mile

To ensure no losses are faced, an estate agent can always go the extra mile. To make the process more successful, estate agents will request early home inspections. They will try and maintain an updated copy of the home inspection reports for both buyers and sellers.

In many cases, agents will only accept the deal from the buyer or seller, if they have a complete home inspection and repairs reports with them. This task helps save their time, money, and deal.

Realtors and inspections

Just like buyers and sellers, it is a must that real estate agents should always be present at the time of the home inspection. This is beneficial for them in the same way as it is for buyers or sellers. Home inspections will reveal the true condition of the property.

An agent will be aware of the property condition in advance. This will help them enter into the negotiation phase with the buyer and seller.

So during the home inspection stage, real estate agents should also be present along with the home inspector.

Helps in the negotiation process

Faults may either be major or minor. But in any case, they have to be negotiated. An estate agent will help during negotiation if he is aware of the condition of the property.

A home inspection will help the buyer and seller take the right decision. Realtors will benefit from inspection reports.

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