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Why Brands Would Prefer Your Instagram Clone Over Other Social Apps

Instagram’s success is astronomical, but this success was well earned too! Instagram currently boasts of having over 1 billion monthly active users. With the official Instagram account collectively having 500 million followers! No wonder why an Instagram clone app makes such a high appeal to businessmen looking to start investing in social media.

Why Choose To Invest In An Instagram Clone App? 

Well, investors should be open-minded when it comes to investing in an Instagram clone app. You have to entrust a small amount & have the possibility of receiving high returns. This acts as an incentive for investors looking to make it big in the social media world.

All you need is the idea of how it will work & a few new features that will lift your social media app above the rest. 

Instagram Is Every Businesses Natural Choice

With over a billion users, Instagram has a massive following that is enough to entice any business. Instagram is a giant among social media platforms because it is able to catch the attention of users around the world on a large scale. 

Users spend hours using these social media apps, providing a unique opportunity for a business to capitalize and make a sale. Using social media to sell products and services is a concept that has just caught fire! 

At the rate things are progressing, your app like Instagram could end up becoming more than just a social platform, it could become a hub for eCommerce as well! This will attract more than just users and businesses could also provide an alternative means of revenue generation. 

These are other reasons why a business will choose your Instagram clone app.

Visual Interaction to Engage With Target Audiences

A business using your social platform, won’t struggle to get its message across. Because if the text doesn’t work, visual messages will! This is exactly what Instagram is all about, using images and short videos like Instagram stories to captivate an audience and get their attention.

A business can use this opportunity to engage with its prospective customers. Constantly posting relevant & exciting content will lead users to follow their page. After this converting them from follower to customer can be a reality! 

Your app can facilitate visual sharing with users with the help of an in-built Instagram scheduling tool that lets a business post content to users when the time is right. 

Communicate With Users

Businesses fail to communicate with their users through their websites. Contact forms and emails are not the fastest and most efficient ways of communicating. But, that’s the beauty of an Instagram clone app, they are made for communication and socializing!

A business using your app can simply communicate with a user through a digital message and get an instant reply instead of emailing and having to wait a few days. 

Brand Discovery and Recognition 

For the majority of new startup businesses, your Instagram clone app will be a social media app that acts as a platform for them to launch their business and hopefully become instantly viral if they can attract enough attention to themselves and deliver on their promise!  

That said, whether you like it or not, your social app will act as a platform where businesses will be discovered, meet users, & hopefully gain loyal customers. It just takes one satisfied high-profile Instagram user to make a business popular enough to shoot off the ground! 

Increases Brand Reach

How else can a business reach its prospective users? Social media looks like the perfect spot to get the job done! If your Instagram-like app holds a million users, even 1% of that would be 10,000! 

So a business that engages with even 1% of your app’s users will manage to earn and grow itself. 

What Do Investors Gain When Businesses Choose Your Instagram Clone App?  

Does it make any difference to you whether businesses use your Instagram clone or not? Yes, it does because it creates a positive change. Let’s assess how you can benefit when businesses use your app.

More Users, More Engagement

Whether they are a new business or an existing one, they are bound to come with their own group of users. This is great news for your app since it makes your users want to engage more. They will definitely be a boost for your social media app since it influences more sharing, liking, and watching of content through your app. 

Unique Monetization Opportunities

With the influx of sellers (businesses) & buyers (users), your app like Instagram can profit from such a large introduction of new users. Perhaps, you can help to make buyers & sellers meet, make transactions, & charge a small percentage for making it happen. 

One way Instagram has implemented this is by introducing advertisements that help a business find its way to its users by targeting them based on past searches. 

Larger User Base

When you have a budding Instagram clone app, you would be happy to gain as many users as you can possibly get! So when a company joins your social media app and brings along their audience, you would be pleased as your user base is slowly but surely increasing. 

While your ultimate goal is to have millions of users, it will take a bit of time to garner such a massive gathering. But keep marketing your app and you will eventually reach your target number!

Increased Revenue

Higher user numbers provide the ability to earn increased revenue. This is because more people on your platform improves the output of monetization methods & also boosts the chances of transactions. 

The revenue of social platforms is definitely influenced by the number of users active on the platform.


All social media platforms provide a means by which a business can directly interact and engage with its audiences. But what makes Instagram unique and popular is the fun and appealing way in which the interaction can occur. 

From a business’s perspective, Instagram is simple and can even be automated using the Instagram automation tool making life much more simple for the business. But, from the viewpoint of an investor, creating an Instagram clone app is much more than just a platform for businesses and their customers.

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