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Why Choose Dedicated Server Russia over VPS Hosting?

Today people search the internet for everything. So, if you own a business it’s necessary to build your presence over it. Whether you run a bakery or manufacture shoes, it is important to build an online presence to reach customers globally. 

So, when you realized it, you must have decided to build your website

So, what’s the next step you took?

To build your website you choose the Shared Server from a trustworthy hosting service. But now, your website is growing and seeing a rise in traffic. Your brand is now gaining popularity and you are worried whether the speed and performance will fall due to the limitations of the Shared Server. So, now you decide to upgrade your web hosting server. But you are confused between Dedicated Server Russia and VPS Hosting.

So, in this article, we will help you solve your confusion and provide details about how Dedicated Server Hosting Russia is better than VPS Hosting for your growing business.

Difference between Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

In VPS Hosting there are multiple websites sharing the same server network. It is an upgraded version of Shared hosting. In VPS Hosting you get a certain set of resources that are yours. But also a hypervisor is installed in the VPS Server which allocates the unused resources of one user to others.

VPS Hosting is ideal for the initial stages or for small websites which do not require many resources. If you are seeing a rise in your traffic or want to achieve long-term business growth then you should consider using the Dedicated Server Russia. 

Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is like your own personal Car. You do not need to share it with anyone, you can drive it to the places you want, there are no fixed stoppages, no limit on seats.

With the Dedicated Server, you are your own boss. No need to worry about others utilizing the share of the server or have to suffer if someone else has a traffic spike. You have the complete server resources, RAM, Hard Drive, Bandwidth, etc. Fully utilize the resources whenever you need. Also, you may customize them according to you.

The Dedicated Server Russia will provide superfast speed, high security, and robust performance to your website.

Reasons to Choose the Dedicated Server Hosting Russia

Still, you must be having lots of confusion, about whether to choose the Dedicated Server over VPS or not. So, below we have described some important points helping you choose the wise option.

You Need Top-Tier Security

For your website, you need very high security. Lots of important information is stored on the website’s server. And any loophole in the security may have severe consequences. An Online Store keeps various details of the consumers, from their personal to payment details everything is stored on the Server. So, when you use the VPS Server, which is being shared with multiple other users, the chances of the confidential data getting leaked is high. 

While the Dedicated Server Hosting Russia keeps your important data protected with its independent server storage and advanced Security. The Russia Dedicated Server is protected with Firewalls, DDoS, Intrusion Prevention, etc.

Heavy Traffic is Expected in Near Future

If you are currently facing a rise in your website traffic or expect significant growth in the near future then you need a robust web hosting platform. With limited resources or Shared Environment, the website slows down when the traffic rises. 

The Dedicated Server easily handles high traffic with its explicit resources. It easily handles the traffic and serves excellent user experience to visitors.

Faster Loading Speed is Necessary

For every website, fast loading speed is a very important factor for growth. The users will leave the website in the first few seconds if it takes a high time to load. It means that without even looking at your products or services the customers will go and may even choose the competitors with better loading time. 

So, a slow loading speed could cost you a fortune. And with the VPS Server, the loading time can rise due to its limited resources. The Dedicated Server Russia can help you achieve faster-loading speed and will also improve the Rankings of your website in the Search Results.

Need Custom Server Configurations

In the future when your website expands you may require some extra set of resources. With the VPS Server, you can’t get them. Also, you may need to install softwares or services over your server for better output. VPS does not allow you any of these.

While with the Dedicated Server in Russia you have the advantage to customize your server. You can choose the resources you want and may also expand the current resources. You also get various options for the operating system and control panel. 

Moving to Faster Growth

If your website is moving towards significant growth then you must choose the server which can be easily expanded to meet the growing needs. It’s better to choose today rather than migrating to Dedicated Server Russia in the future. 

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You will get better resources, faster speed, and improved performance. The VPS server will not be able to fulfill your needs for a longer time. 

Get Top Performance for your Website with Dedicated Server Russia by Serverwala

After knowing the various benefits of the Russia Dedicated Server you must have dropped the option of choosing VPS. But the next step is to identify an ideal Dedicated Hosting Provider. 

There are various Dedicated Server Hosting Russia providers but the best is Serverwala.

Serverwala has won numerous web hosting awards and has served thousands of customers across the world. It is known for its top-quality hosting services and affordable prices. It believes in providing the best hosting to its customers and has been working on that so far. 

Apart from the Russia Dedicated Server it also provides other hosting services, from which you may choose as per your needs.

Below are the features of their Dedicated Server Russia:

  • Powerful and Fully Upgraded Servers
  • Advanced-Grade Server Resources
  • Redundant Network Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • SSH Root Control
  • Service Level Agreement
  • 100% Privacy Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Customer Support

In a Nutshell

With several unbeatable benefits, the Dedicated Server Russia has proven to be superior over VPS Hosting. It will help in the faster growth of your business for a long period of time. But always choose a reliable hosting provider like Serverwala, then only you can expect to achieve all your pals on time. 

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