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Windstream Internet Plan Cost & Pricing in 2021

We know that due to the massive global pandemic crises we saw a complete shift in our lives. In our most challenging moments, the internet played the role of a savior. Can you imagine your life at home without an internet connection? Of course not. We understand the gravity of this situation and the need for a high internet speed and a reliable internet connection. We are listing everything that you need to know about theĀ Windstream internetĀ services, from their packages to their internet plans.

Windstream is quite popular for its kinetic internet service. They are providing their consumer the highest internet speeds with the best quality services. There are different technologies that are used by internet service providers to provide internet services and Windstream internet uses the latest technology for their kinetic internet service.

Windstream kinetic internet speed options and prices:

Windstream internet is known for high internet speeds. We understand that it can be a hectic task to find out all the details about internet speed options that you can avail yourself of with a specific provider. One thing that you must know is that the prices are subjected to change from address to address we are only mentioning estimated amounts but the speed tiers are pretty much going to be the same.


Internet Plan Internet Speed Data Limit Estimated Price
Kinetic internet with minimum speed 200 Mbps Unlimited $40
2nd option 400 Mbps Unlimited $47
3rd option 500 Mbps Unlimited $48
4th option 1 Gigabyte Unlimited $57


You can mention the speed that you need to their sales rep and ask to hook you up with the best suitable package.

The number of devices that you can connect with different speeds

Let us tell you how many devices you can easily connect with different internet speeds that Windstream is offering or how many devices will be compatible with a speed tier that you may choose. The 200 Mbps package is compatible with up to 4 devices at the same time. If you opt for 400 Mbps you can connect 6 to 7 devices with your internet. If you want to stream in HD, then

you can choose 500 Mbps and it supports up to 8 devices very easily. The highest speed is 1 gig which is an extra-high speed internet and it is ideal for all kinds of usage, you can use it for online gaming as well.

What is kinetic internet?

There are different technologies and cable lines that are used to provide internet services. The oldest one is DSL which is still used by a massive number of people as it covers more than 90% of areas within the US but to get a DSL connection you need an active phone jack because it uses traditional phone lines. Then there are broadband internet providers who use copper wires and they are also available in the majority of the areas. The latest one is named ā€œfiber-opticā€ all fiber optic providers use vacuum glass tubes to provide internet services and it gives the fastest internet speeds. Windstream kinetic internet is fiber optic.

That is the reason why Windstream provides the highest speeds and you will find it even in the reviews that are available online, their consumers highly regard the internet speed that they get through Windstream internet.

What are the advantages of choosing Windstream internet?

The biggest advantage is that you will get high-speed internet service and uninterrupted online usage. You can stop worrying about unwanted slow internet speed and have a better focus on performing your tasks well.

Extra benefits of choosing Windstream internet:

Windstream has many benefits. You can save more by bundling up your services. With Windstream internet, you get an internet connection without any data caps, and what can be better than that? You can use as much internet you want at any time. Windstream also offers special data protection that ensures your data safety in the online world, it keeps your gadgets protected and free from viruses and corruption that can be there online. These days there are many websites that can harm or damage your data and if you have a protected internet connection it will keep your devices safe.

Though there are many factors that make Windstream internet a good option, the most appreciable one according to us is that they do not require any contracts, and you are allowed as a consumer to use their services according to your own pace.

Will my bill remain the same?

After a period of 12-month promotional discount, the prices of your internet price will rise and this happens with most ISPā€™s.

In Conclusion:

As mentioned earlier, the prices of internet packages that Windstream offers are subjected to change depending upon your address and we have listed down the internet speed options that you have with them.

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