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Yoga: 20 Benefits of doing Meditation


Meditation is not a religious word. This is for all to get rid of useless thoughts. Well, when we sit with eyes closed, there is often a complaint that the ideas of the era come at the same time. The thoughts of the past or the plans of the future, the fantasy, etc. all buzz around the brain like flies. How to get rid of it? A sea of thoughts in your brain can not make meditation possible for you. It is difficult to accept that our thoughts can be control. What’s wrong with trying? You just start meditating and know its 20 benefits.

Including mediation in your daily regime is the first step to making your whole day good. You get pleasure from it. Slowly you can increase its timing of doing so like 7 to 12 minutes. This takes some time to get desirable results. When you start meditation like it simply begins to grow from a seed to a tree as long as the time duration is increased of your meditation.

1. Where in the first 24 hours there were 50-60 thousand thoughts of worry and contemplation, now their number will start to decrease. As soon as this begins to starts, a great thing happens in your life. Instantly, the extra thoughts get paused which has occupied a large space in your brain.

2. Disease calls physical illness and mourning is all kinds of mental suffering. These two illness has its own inception in the brain and any type of body part. Meditation makes that part healthy. In actual, your brain starts getting positive energy. Your brain starts to handle the stress with the ability to fight diseases. Anxiety and contemplation will eliminate diseases.

3. In case of any kind of grief due to improvement in breathing, we do not worry more than necessary. Our emotions are governed by breathing. Correct breathing techniques should follow.

4. Meditate only for 10 minutes daily for three months. You can realize the positive changes in your thoughts. Meditation has the power of reducing your anger, grief, and pain.

5. We meditate. Think about what we have- Eye? ear? Nose? perfect body? Mind or brain? No, we do none of these. Meditation builds harmony between the body, mind, and soul. The desire of knowing yourself then do meditation for this knowledge. That is the most appropriate option.

6. Regular practice of meditation increases spiritual strength. Spiritual power leads to mental peace. The body feels healthy with mental peace. Our energy focuses on meditation.

7. Vision enhances vision power and develops a person’s ability to make decisions. Many types of mental health diseases get reduced with meditation. Practicing meditation your mind will go through the happiness, peace, and calm phase.

8. All kinds of fear will go on with meditation. Work and behavior will improve. You will experience love and peace. The outlook will be positive.

9. Because of increasing mental capacity, success will start coming closer to you just by thinking about success.

10. Meditation helps one to see and understand the present. Your conscience increases. Consciousness will increase due to awareness. This is a good advantage.

11. The only way to reach oneself is through meditation. Without meditation, you can feel some emotional fluctuation. Being oneself is to finish yours over emotion and thoughts.
In the list of priorities of your life, put yourself top of the list. Do not miss yourself. 70 years pass like seventy seconds.

12. Due to the environment of noise and pollution, the person continues to experience stress and mental fatigue needlessly. The bad effect can be taken on the bay after practicing the meditation.

13. Meditation benefits your knowledge. Meditation increases harmony within you. And control the excessive emotions that make you unhappy and sad. Meditation reduces anxiety and problems.

14. With meditation, where the mind and brain get relaxation, the body benefits itself with this energy. You feel energetic with positive thoughts.

15. Hypertension controls by meditation. Headache is relieved. Stress weakens your immunity so with meditation you maintain your immunity power. Meditation increases stability in the body. This stability strengthens the body.

16. People who start meditating start to calm down. It helps to strengthen brainpower. This peace not only strengthens the mind but also the body.

17. Regular practice is necessary to get the full benefits of meditation. You need 5 to 10 minutes for meditation, but as time increases you get more benefits.

18. It boosts the power of memory. By continuing the practice of this Asana remembrance with meditation, after one month, while Memory power will increase, after a few months it will develop wonderful memory in you. You cannot forget at any age and under any circumstances.

19. Meditation calms the brain and develops immunity. With this, where blood circulation is good, the light of the eyes also increases.

20. There, meditation can become a path to Moksha. You can know more about meditation by joining Yoga School in Rishikesh.

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