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You Need to Know About Tundra Gray Tile

Tundra gray marble is a greyish black stone that comes in the form of tile, rock and quarry slabs. This gray colour is obtained due to the chemical composition of this marble and the minerals present in the stone. Tundra gray is found under extremely cold conditions, as it is formed under very low temperatures. When the temperature rises, the rock hardens and changes into a grey colour.

The colour of tundra gray marble can be obtained in various ways. These include quarrying, drilling, and cutting. It is used for flooring and wall coverings because of its grey colour. Most of the homes and buildings constructed in mountainous areas prefer tundra gray marble tiles for their flooring and walls.

It is quarried in the mountains

Tundra gray marble is quarried in mountains all over the world. It is mainly used for building purposes. Since the stone is found in such inhospitable places, it requires a lot of effort and hard work to extract the valuable material from the rocks.

A lot of care is taken by the workers to avoid damages and injuries to the visitors. This has made the production of tundra gray marble cost-effective.

It is used as fireproofing:

Tundra gray marble is also popularly used as fireproofing. It is a perfect choice for places that are prone to extreme cold or heat like mines and high elevations. It can also withstand very high humidity and water.

Since it is resistant to moisture, it proves to be a better alternative to granite and marble for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Even its application as a countertop gives it an edge over other materials.

Price of tundra gray marble:

The price of tundra gray marble is highly dependent upon the tundra gray that is used. The more translucent the colour is, the higher the price of the marble tile. Light coloured tundra gray gives the room a stark look.

For rooms that have an opulent and lavish look, it is advisable to choose dark shades of tundra gray. White and cream colours can be used for the walls and ceilings.

Sizes of tundra gray tile:

Since this tundra gray tile comes in smaller sizes, it is easy to install. The large pieces can be kept on a tundra bench. The pieces need not be kept together on a single tundra bench.

Any space in the room can be utilized and turned into a tundra gray marble corner. This makes the use of the small tiles very convenient.

It has elegant look:

Installing tundra gray marbles also gives a unique and attractive look to the home. It can be installed on the walls, floor, and ceiling. These small pieces of tundra gray marble give a cosy and relaxing ambience to the home.

People prefer to have this kind of tundra gray tile for their homes because they are beautiful and elegant.

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Installation of tundra tile:

Installing this tile is not a difficult task. Before starting the installation, it is important to prepare the sub-floor, especially if there are existing structures on the floor. It is important to remove these structures to prepare the sub-floor.

There should be no foot traffic in the room while tundra gray marble is being installed. Once done, the tundra gray marble should be laid carefully and firmly.

It is advised that a thin base pad is used for installation. This helps in avoiding the spaces between the marble columns. If a thick layer of soil is used, it becomes difficult to clean the tundra tile.

The thickness of the soil can be cut and used to fill up the spaces. Once done, the tundra gray tile can be cleaned with a soft rag.

Tiles should be set firmly with no settling. When tundra gray marble has been properly set, allowing some space between the pillars will be good. It will avoid the base pad from sinking.

During the summer season, people prefer to cover their statues with a glass mat to protect them from harsh sunlight. For protection from dust, tundra gray tiles are also ideal. It can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

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Most people prefer to use tundra gray in decorating the outdoor areas. This gray coloured flooring is unique in terms of quality, look, and versatility. In addition to protecting from the harsh weather, it is an appealing stone floor covering. It can be used in almost every room of your home including hallways, kitchen, and bathroom.

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